Wednesday, 13 August 2014

DIY. . . wedding shoes!

So our wedding is fast approaching and with less than 3 months to go everything is slowly coming together. Now I know it's bad luck for the groom to see the dress but no one said anything about the shoes right..?

 photo 115a247d-2f8a-4b0e-a3a2-274396429ffd_zpsc6cd9bf3.jpg
 photo f1f39483-392e-4815-8501-0a1338c1711b_zps1c3d1bb5.jpg

I think most ladies are a fan of Manolos, especially after that Sex and the city scene, but most of us can't afford the pretty price tag and theres no way I'm paying nearly the same amount of money for my shoes than I did the actual dress. So I got my thinking cap on and it didn't take me long to figure out a cunning plan. I found myself some lovely satin bridal shoes on the ever popular wedding shoe site elegant steps. Their from the Rainbow brand and a pair I could get dyed to the perfect saffron shade using their custom dye service. I originally had a little confusion over the type of shoe I could get dyed but had a great email conversation with the customer service team who sorted it all out for me with no major issues. When they arrived I was ecstatically happy with the colour, they'll go perfectly with my planned single sunflower bouquet. 

Next I needed to find the perfect shoe clip to pop on the front. I searched all the bridal accessory sites and though I was going to have to settle for just a standard sparkly clip until I stumbled upon an American website called Absolutely Audrey. They stocked the almost exact same shoe clip to the amazing Hangisi Manolo Blahnik's I so covet. I quickly added to my virtual shopping basket and hoped and prayed that they shipped to the UK... and they did... bloody brilliant. Obviously I know they're not exactly like the Manolos, but they're pretty darn close and for just £90 instead of £750 I'm chuffed.

 photo ebbc0621-6d21-4bff-ab28-43859ed69aea_zpsbe6d6108.jpg
 photo 6661d23c-0888-482c-b991-19d3ebe4d70f_zps77e97d04.jpg
 photo 343ac624-9590-48ee-88fa-dc81fcf1f677_zps088d7c32.jpg

They really are beautiful shoes... Although I haven't actually tried them on with the wedding dress yet (I plan to do it this Sunday so fingers crossed they look ok) but even if they're not right for the dress I with definitely wear them with and without the shoe clips at other times.
Now all I need to do is say......

 photo 17898f43-6865-4836-a90d-3237a24bac66_zps97de1c85.jpg


  1. I love things like this! Love the idea of a pop of colour instead of everything just being white/ivory/champagne or however many other eedding colours! Your wedding is coming round so quickly! Can't wait to see photos of you ready to go!

  2. These are so lovely !
    Such a good idea too.

    Alex ox.

  3. OMG these look just like the shoes Blair Waldorf gives one of to Louis - then he brings back to Manhattan!!!!

  4. These are gorgeous!!! You will be a beautiful bride in these - love that you are having a single sunflower bouquet! xxx

    Blog This With Hannah

  5. Really chic !


  6. They look gorgeous- I love the bright yellow! x

  7. Wow those shoes are absolutely beautiful & really special- just unique for you :) xx

  8. Oh how creative and beautiful!
    x Sandra

  9. EEEEEP SO EXCITING!!!! Those shoes are wonderful!! xoxo


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