Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hidden fashion outfit 1

 photo 6ef7755b-45cc-4cde-b05a-21099f9a4be5_zpsd172f4f0.jpg
 photo 4e23e222-5bf0-4127-88b3-13046c49f883_zpsfc0694c2.jpg
 photo fc37d539-79cf-4194-872d-3cff0815d526_zps94550fce.jpg
 photo 157ebb13-c849-4d7b-b339-fe4e3e45f875_zpsa1f44226.jpg
Blazer - c/o HiddenFashion *  //  Top - c/o HiddenFashion *  //  Shoes - c/o HiddenFashion *  //  Jeans - Republic  //  Bag - New Look

I was ├╝ber lucky to win a twitter competition a couple of weeks back and managed to bag myself £50 worth of free clothes just for tweeting who my fashion icon is (Miranda Kerr FYI).
So I'm going to show you my winnings from HiddenFashion over the next few posts as I got a whole seven lovely items all for £50. HiddenFashion is a very cheap clothing website with pretty much everything under £10 but I'm thoroughly happy with the quality of every item I received. They do sting you on your shipping and handling fees so don't get caught out (although its still a pretty cheap option for quality clothing).

This oversized blazer is perfect to androgenise an outfit and check out the fluffy girly jumper with pretty bow detail. Now these shoes are nothing but perfect... mint green and silver accents, perf! I love this outfit!


Sunday, 20 April 2014

Outfit of the week #52

 photo 59345642-95e6-4faf-809d-d73445b7dd67_zps725b383d.jpg
 photo cd97b9b3-241a-417d-91b4-39b51000fac8_zps8925b21b.jpg
 photo 4588e3a2-c3f8-4853-ad2f-6fdaeb5311a3_zps50060844.jpg
Dress - Primark  //  Boots - Matalan  //  Bag - Zara  //  Necklace - New Look  //  Jacket - Primark  //  Rings - Asos

Quite a plain and simple outfit today but a fav nevertheless. This £13 dress from Primark is such a good fit and cute shape, they have it in white so I may have to go back and nab that one too as it makes your waist look really slim. I love this tribal looking necklace from New Look it's so detailed and has tiny thin rings making up the pattern. I wore this to a family gathering last night celebrating Easter with a yummy roast so I just chucked on my boots and go with everything leather jacket. 

I didn't get any Easter eggs this year but only because I said I didn't want any, what with being on the 'don't get any bigger' wedding diet. Its so nice to have a long weekend off work although I'm supposed to be doing some uni work... not on Easter Sunday though.. right?

Happy Easter readers 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Lavish Alice oversized shift dress!

 photo 549160bf-2b0c-4513-a6b5-ac13260aabc6_zps0517c3e1.jpg
 photo 884df7bf-0e8f-4d69-a342-9a4cdc607dc0_zps5cc6cbc9.jpg
 photo 3951400b-34ce-4a30-8d23-65b9d60ba724_zpsc72baa6d.jpg photo 08653681-d0ad-411d-8b2e-5f39045ef298_zps36ce7d0b.jpg

Dress - c/o Lavish Alice *  //  Bag - Matalan (very old)  //  Boots - New Look  //  Necklace - H&M

How Lovely is this shift dress from Lavish Alice? Its a gorgeous mix of neutrals and pastels (my current fav) and I love the combination of the suede and leather look materials. Unfortunately the lovely people at LA sent me an 8 instead of a 10 so this one is a little tight round the old hips but it still kinda fits so I'll definitely be wearing it this spring/summer. I dug out my quirky fox/owl bag to go with the tan boots and gold chain styling. I'm generally a darker clothes kinda gal but I'm enjoying this colour palette and can't wait to team this dress with some tan wedges. Sorry about the dodge photos! The boy an I had to quickly take these on Sunday evening as I knew I wouldn't have any other chance this week (busy busy) and the light wasn't the best, but I guess they'll do. 

Hope you like

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Outfit of the week #51

 photo 9b3a33d0-a6b9-4e8f-89c7-440d498a2f65_zpsb2a816ff.jpg
 photo 530726bf-a0df-4678-9cb6-fe3dec6bf8e1_zps7426e018.jpg
 photo 57b2878b-f3e0-4859-8572-a208500291b5_zps432b59bd.jpg
 photo 52a71597-2392-4055-939e-26b1605e1e01_zpsa7f2ddbf.jpg
 photo c6ae3da5-b4e6-45dc-aa8d-9f8978aa5321_zpsa328c6c8.jpg
Top - ?  //  Trousers - H&M  //  Clutch - Primark  //  Shoes - Asos

I've been in Leicester this weekend visiting some friends, eating Italian and hopefully (as I write this pre road trip) drinking some cocktails. This is what I wanted to wear but chickened out and ended up wearing a LBD and boots. I love these chunky white shoes (from my last wish list post) but I predict that they won't stay this white for long and I guess bad blisters will ensue but heck I'll suffer the pain for these bad boys. This bag is the cutest right? I'm so on the pastel trend this year. I didn't really embrace it last spring so this year I'm going full pastel pelt and loving life. Hope you like this cute outfit, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Fifty shades of... blue

 photo ea6cbb60-f702-42b0-aa45-3503e35243d1_zps4007ccf0.jpg
 photo 7aced206-a551-42da-b27e-4f78ae051515_zpsc2a7f9e8.jpg
 photo 1d2e52e6-e36a-42fd-84d9-89bd973d3f9c_zpse73c613f.jpg
 photo 2d3532fa-0a5a-417b-aa4f-a992fa76d4ab_zps7f9d77f2.jpg
Coat - Tesco  //  Shirt - Primark  //  Skirt - c/o FrontRowShop *  //  Shoes - Dorothy Perkins  //  Bag - Asos  //  Necklace -  Claires Accessories 

Its my birthday today and guess what I'm doing right now.....? I'm currently at a staff meeting, oh the joys. Luckily its a senior staff meeting which we tend to do with food involved so at least eating even though the topic of convo is work related. I haven't been home yet so card and presents haven't been opened yet so I can't even tell you what I've got but I'm sure if you follow me on Instagram you'll see a picture or two over the next few days. 

I never thought I could wear so many variations of one colour in an outfit but I love this look! I'm besotted with cobalt blue still and wear my coat and shoes together at any appropriate opportunity and this skirt is just adorable. Excuse the bad facial expressions in these pictures it was cold!
If you like this outfit or any of my others I would really appreciate a cheeky nomination in the company style blogger awards,  just click on the badge in my sidebar and vote for me, muchos love!!


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