Sunday, 1 March 2015

outfit of the week #93

 photo edef9fe7-b149-4d54-94df-558bc8ffd0cc_zpsjhpllmtx.jpg  photo 1f837bb2-04c2-4f65-9cff-c3942cd2e22d_zps3st5666c.jpg  photo f8fcff99-9e0b-497e-a46f-5d67d5a42354_zpsmpcfvkd3.jpg  photo 15aa1fc7-b97e-43b3-aafd-2f886267b9cd_zps8gq3a9lm.jpg  photo 18490464-64fe-45a0-a105-6bd6c9f0f807_zpslkchz8lh.jpg  photo 6100a8f3-c4d6-4dbb-82fe-ce8da115d1ce_zpsawtzrt3t.jpg
sleeveless blazer - eBay  //  white top - boohoo  //  jeans - fashion union (old)  //  shoes - primark  //  bag - zara (old)  //  necklace - c/o selection six *  //  belt - primark 

i've finally got myself a sleeveless blazer, I've been wanting one since they first got popular but never invested, but they seem to be sticking around so i scoured eBay and grabbed myself this baby. i've styled it slightly different in this post adding a belt to clinch it at the waist but I can't wait to wear it with my pleather skirt and a casual tshirt. another outing for the classic £9 black courts from primark and i dug out my mom jeans. i haven't worn these for ages and i bloody love them. check out this 'piece' of a necklace, isn't it gorge? the colours are so vibrant and its such a chunky, sturdy piece I love it. selection six are offering you all 30% off when you use the code 'Lazy2Lovely' so do go and treat yourself to something from their selection. . . go on you deserve it.  


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Nails & lashes

 photo ee454af0-cbc5-4723-bca3-69f916d4a713_zpse185555c.jpg  photo e5ee3389-453b-45a9-8fd9-521c29569a63_zps7adf88f9.jpg
nail magic - c/o *
a rare beauty post from me today . . . i love having nicely painted nails and am often seen rocking a simple nail art design. but all this nail polish and nail polish remover along with having a pretty hands on job, takes its toll on the health of my nails. i'm blessed to have nails that grow quite long and quite quickly but I go through stages of really brittle and flakey nails too. as you can see from the above pictures i'm going through that kinda stage right now. so i'm trying out this 'nail magic' a hardener and conditioner that hopefully will strengthen my nails over the next few weeks. I'm using it as a base coat and topcoat once / twice a week . . .  so stay tuned to see how well it works for me. 
 photo 6338d3cf-4e38-4767-a439-159b78feb69c_zps063d8f49.jpg  photo f9e8efcb-b343-4031-97f2-ff11b65b6bd2_zpsce741874.jpg
jica lash - c/o *
i was also lucky enough to be sent this very interesting natural fibre lash product, designed to add volume and length to your lashes without using any chemicals or damage. as you can see from the above picture it is literally tiny little fibres which you apply over the top of your mascara and then seal with another coat of mascara. i'm always sceptical about products like this especially as i'm not the best at applying any kind of make up. please excuse my brows in the below pictures, in my defence I have a long fringe that usually covers these atrocities but for the purpose of showing you the effects of jica lash I had to unleash the beasts . . . anyway the eye on the left is jica-ed and the right is just mascara. 
 photo db4e2cd4-0ae1-41b2-bfc6-40828ed3d7b0_zps11c25337.jpg

in the pictures you can see that the lash with jica applied (left) does look slightly more fuller and longer and i promise in real life you can really see a difference, I really like the effect and will be continuing to use it on my lashes when i get all dolled up to go out. the only thing i will say is, it can be quite messy, the little fibres drop onto your cheeks quite liberally, so apply the rest of your make up (spesh concealer and foundation under the eyes) after you have done your lashes. My lashes generally are pretty short and flat and i'm not so skilled at applying falsies, so I love the effect and volume this product has created with very little effort, see more in the below pictures. 
 photo e0527459-e173-4fa6-aaab-18c11d6d99f3_zps57fa6cb4.jpg
both lashes have jica applied
check out the jica website to find out more about these products and more, i definitely recommend the lash fibre extensions if your own lashes lack that little oomph you require and like me you can't cope with the faff of falsies. If you fancy purchasing either of these products before May 1st, then you can also use this code NMCO1 at the checkout to receive a free sample of nail magic cuticle oil with your order. 


Sunday, 22 February 2015

outfit of the week #92

 photo 77594682-e68c-41e2-ba1c-62ad4a6c2a02_zps903bd0ad.jpg  photo d362435f-f0d3-49fa-9f24-311b3c150fec_zps22fe1c9a.jpg  photo aeda4659-7aed-41cd-ab4e-4ad144ea8858_zps726977a0.jpg  photo c1a67c31-ceb3-4249-8176-d17cebd93dc6_zpsce5dee7d.jpg photo 9cd95a71-0b20-42d7-a3a6-b0488ca71731_zps3464fb33.jpg  photo 871f2568-1068-4b2b-80b6-8aeac52ef937_zps86fe799c.jpg  photo fce40138-aa54-403b-b951-3e262dd676bf_zps7cf838bd.jpg
coat - krisp clothing  //  shirt - new look (old)  //  trousers - primark  //  shoes - primark  // bag - ebay  // necklace - h&m (old)  //  skull ring - kat&bee jewellery c/o jewelstreet * 

i make no apologies you're going to be seeing a lot of this darn beautiful coat, it just looks amazing with everything, fact! I've had this stripy shirt for a good three years and was almost going to chuck it out a couple of months ago. . . i'm so glad I didn't as i've fallen in love with it all over again, i especially love layering long necklaces over the top of it. i wore this ensemble out last night to celebrate a friends engagement . . . and got the chance to wear this cute and quirky skull ring sent to me from jewelstreet by kat&bee jewellery. not only is it a gorgeous ring but it was sent to be so quickly and presented in a cute presentation box and drawstring bag . . .  a great gift for someone who likes alternative accessories perhaps? 


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

camel, breton and leopard

 photo 53b9f83f-4ee5-4592-bd74-f68f4d58e50e_zps8bd84999.jpg  photo 48c72866-70d3-4779-831a-8aeff0d921a6_zpsa772519a.jpg  photo 117719fb-c92a-4cd2-a0a2-360a0d42849c_zps7efb06ec.jpg  photo 14d5ed51-52c8-4f39-85d7-b5e472568b3f_zps21446927.jpg photo ce4023e3-aa79-4090-99fa-427971c586d5_zpse888fa45.jpg  photo 236d4971-8637-413f-b060-cb5ab18c6578_zps71509b2d.jpg  photo eac576cc-3693-4536-9e96-debee3c36f72_zps0f1f59cd.jpg
jacket - krisp clothing  //  top - hidden fashion (old)  // jeans - primark  //  bag - ted baker  //  shoes - c/o krisp clothing * 

breton and leopard print is a hard combo to beat in my eyes, i'm never one to mix prints (i think it might be ocd) but breton and leopard print just seems to work so well that even i can't resist. all topped off with a posh (yet cheap) camel jacket, i feel so grown up! this is my jacket of dreams i absolutely love it and every outfit i wear it with makes me feel so elegant, chic and dare i say it almost parisian. these wee pumps are just the cutest and i can't wait for the warmer weather so i can wear them all the time. whaddya think?


Sunday, 15 February 2015

outfit of the week #91

 photo fbd65294-bf43-4145-b32d-2c98a02aa75d_zps70345b36.jpg  photo 8365b869-7e9c-4b12-a884-a0259a129fdc_zps295afcd6.jpg  photo b51e5911-0e45-4e8c-97db-0284c6397a3f_zpsdd1a0f2c.jpg  photo de28a09f-6ea9-423a-a529-9c8e28ab2d53_zps53fe611c.jpg  photo 996b00d8-faac-4ce2-8316-72fdc4c1294a_zps11792d25.jpg  photo 95a4c112-c69f-4641-a391-41a88052397f_zpsf50440bd.jpg  photo c9dda7c5-1331-4dc7-a872-4dd4804092ce_zps8a7d9667.jpg
denim jacket - zara  //  jumper - primark  //  trousers - zara  //  bag - primark  //  shoes - dorothy perkins

say hello to my new favourite trousers... last sunday i showed you some gorgeous bargain trainers from zara and this week its these amazing oxblood pleather trousers, I just love them, the colour, the length and the fact that they have a very forgiving elastic waistband, which certainly helped when the husband and i ate all of prezzo's on tuesday. we wanted to beat the valentines rush so we had our valentines early and getting to dress up on a week day is always fun. i love this jumper too, its actually a jumper dress but as you can see i've tucked it in, theres something about navy and stripes that look really smart and my cobalt blue courts always finish off an outfit perfectly.


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