Sunday, 23 November 2014

Outfit of the week #79

 photo 5e091f08-5747-4df2-9875-bca4675520c0_zpsa8735e5b.jpg  photo 24f8a9cb-7fb9-4b63-8a52-11ceabafb7eb_zpsc294d6c7.jpg  photo 62813505-5d77-48ca-86da-b636a903b5fd_zps5ea1b0e5.jpg  photo 677d8c11-f909-434a-ba50-7ae7720f4001_zps77271908.jpg  photo 4ebc38fa-814e-4a56-aa16-8e1eca2192c7_zpsc55b1b02.jpg
Jumper - c/o Chicwish *  //  Pinafore - Primark  //  Denim shirt - H&M  //  Bag - Primark  //  Boots - George@Asda

Grid prints and checks forever!! Still can't get enough and I'm so glad tartan is back again this winter, i brought the cutest pleated tartan skirt in H&M for £7 in the sale yesterday, can't wait to pair it with a chunky knit and these boots. Layering is my friend with it comes to this pinafore as i just can't find a coat that goes with it.. so on goes the shirt underneath jumper underneath dress combo and all cosy. Loving an across the body bag at the moment i just wish the dress had some side pockets as i always seem to have a 'where do I put my hands' problem when I'm not carrying a bag, eek! Enjoy!

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The fluffy jumper

 photo a68b3ea7-bfda-4356-ad7d-02c1531881c5_zps07980c51.jpg  photo b1c7c09d-cc04-4455-a763-3009ac7c5722_zps44c99777.jpg  photo e8464b32-fe4b-4457-b46d-721aff55dd21_zpsf3a7abd8.jpg  photo 874b6570-5bec-49a9-8cc9-163fb37a8cad_zps2449a37f.jpg  photo 16157e7d-902c-4433-a0dd-2748bbc9fdb5_zps320355a8.jpg
Coat - Florence and Fred @ Tesco  //  Fluffy Jumper -Florence and Fred @ Tesco (old)  // Jeans - Fashion Union  //  Bag - Asos  //  Shoes River island  (all old purchases)

Yep I'm rocking the cobalt blue again, I just love it! Such a flattering colour and I always feel dressed up when I wear it. This is my favourite outfit of late. I just love this fluffy jumper and its a perfect length, cropped enough to look cute but not too much to show my belly off all the time. Always a fan of flattering jeans and these 'mom' jeans from Fashion Union are perfect. I seriously need to go winter boot/shoe shopping I can't keep subjecting my poor tootsies to the elements in such little spring/summer pumps like these.
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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Outfit of the week #78

 photo b3c7de96-0f24-45eb-a9fb-39c09d734dab_zpsa4145850.jpg  photo b4506194-53fe-4a87-8e3b-8cc2f0473876_zps1736e4ce.jpg  photo 4a01d6a9-ee34-4c7d-96aa-6e66f5dddfc1_zps56abaded.jpg  photo 12f870b5-62c3-4c3e-8d6d-27d21db4969c_zps03c2d4e0.jpg  photo 10924e68-b33a-4c76-ba47-c0a43b346e86_zpsb72aa03c.jpg
Jeans - Primark  //  Jacket - Primark  //  Jumper - Primark  (all old purchases) //  Scarf - Primark  //  Boots - George @ Asda  //  Bag - Asos  //  Necklace - Everours

Ooo I'm so excited for scarf season again, I think a good coat and scarf is what makes an outfit really stand out in the autumn/winter months. A long scarf like this one is also my best friend as it can be worn so casually like this or wrapped around to create a whole different look. I still love love love cobalt blue, such a great colour against the other fairly dab colour palette of this ensemble. 

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Autumn kimono...

 photo 93374d21-238b-47c0-abbb-2e5ff1a73477_zps3ad16bac.jpg
 photo a4fb8e9c-a8fc-4ded-bff5-8b084fc84482_zps7b8d7482.jpg  photo 03e9eec2-99c7-4b17-9290-4351d3185d41_zps70240052.jpg  photo 20e88c8e-3292-45af-9c25-d02d02a51194_zps10c1d72e.jpg  photo 4a124b65-91cd-4a13-a262-b18f91b8ba2c_zps814a858d.jpg
Kimono - Primark  //  Tshirt - Primark  //  Trousers - H&M  //  Boots - New Look (old)  //  Bag - Primark (old)  //  Necklace - Claires Accessories 

So how much do I love this kimono jacket... ummm tooooo much. I love the print, I love the colours and I love that it only cost me £3 in a Primark sale. Yep I'm very aware that I'm basically wearing the same outfit as my last post but have changed my jacket and shoes, but you just can't go wrong with black tee and jeans. I feel quite seventies when I swoosh along in my longline kimono, love it. hope you enjoy it too.

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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Outfit of the week #77

 photo 99173fd1-5c00-4de1-bc24-173258218e92_zps1ad6859a.jpg  photo 9e5a27b5-212c-4513-a3fa-9b39520211ae_zps1410ea5e.jpg  photo 55e4bbb9-a295-4fe8-ad96-bf495ad8d633_zpsfaf17aa0.jpg  photo d26e2b6e-6481-4cdf-9ec7-24bad141c9ef_zps0c899dca.jpg  photo 11680168-82bc-4d71-ba47-568bfb44fbe0_zpsc9304a2b.jpg
Jacket - c/o Celeb Look *  //  Tshirt - Primark  //   Trousers - H&M  //  Chelsea boots - George@asda  // Bag - Primark (old)  //  Necklace - Claires Accessories

So after a two week blogging hiatus I'm back a married lady and with a new look. Check out the hair... Short and black, quite different for me but I absolutely love it. It feels so healthy and fresh. Our wedding, last Saturday, was  amazing and couldn't have gone any better. The weather was incredibly hot and sunny for a November, and all our ideas and little quirks that made it personal to us worked a treat and everyone loved them. I managed to keep my dress on all day despite it being incredibly heavy and I got so many compliments (which I guess a Bride always does). Once we get the photos back I'll be sure to share a few on here for you all to see.

On to this outfit of the week. I got me another tasselled jacket, you all know I love my black leather one so when Celeb look contacted me I jumped at the chance to try out this camel tasselled number. Isn't it cool, very Kate Moss. I think it looks great with this all black ensemble and I've gone back to wearing my chunky gold chain over a black tshirt all the time. Hope you like the outfit, comment below as always.