Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Warehouse skirt

 photo 96e78282-3fac-4c9d-9b0d-a0f163987a27_zps636ca349.jpg
 photo f6c8fe90-6974-40ca-9d5d-44b88d475512_zps15a8b732.jpg
 photo 071458b8-348d-4659-bea2-0be6e08d2a5a_zpsc29cb165.jpg
 photo 2223c5d5-fe92-4ee9-a811-cedb1e87bb10_zpsc17fc48e.jpg
 photo cf5a165a-235e-4cb6-a97c-3636b3dc9c2d_zpsf89909b5.jpg
 photo 31927f76-8896-4c78-a087-efaf9b1e2ade_zps71d83753.jpg
Jacket - Zara  //  Top - New Look  //  Skirt - c/o Warehouse  * // Shoes - H&M  //  Bag - Primark

Oo er look at me with straight hair... I'm not keen on me with straight hair so this really happens! It would also seem I'm now an actual angel, check out my spotlight/halo in the second picture!!! I think this may well be one of my favourite outfit posts to date. I am loving this oversized denim jacket I picked up in the Zara sale recently. It looks great with so many outfits and feeds my 90s fashion love without being overkill. And lets just appreciate this wonder of a skirt from warehouse the print is gorgeous, the colours are flattering and the material feels great. I'm ever so tempted to purchase the matching top and get that desired co-ord I've been after in like forever. Next up is this mini bag from Primark, its such a great size for evening outings, like the Greek meal I went to on Saturday when wearing this outfit. You can fit your essentials in but you don't have to carry a massive bag or equally a tiny clutch that fits nothing in. The colour is gorgeous and is perfect for the autumnal months that are nearly upon us, I can't wait to wear it with a long winter coat, hat and boots. Hope you like this post.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Outfit of the week #67

 photo 436cfe5e-cb9d-4d05-bfda-5c0acf2ba72e_zps7fa4dec9.jpg
 photo 06be2f02-b81a-4666-8356-367cf2463c49_zpsf3e56aec.jpg
 photo f8b341df-0df6-4005-a923-25b4678692b9_zpsc67ca10e.jpg
 photo ced038e9-223b-48a5-b280-f3861e79e3dc_zps397c34c7.jpg
Cardigan - Wearall  //  Top - Primark  //  Jeans - Primark  //  Shoes - Matalan  //  Bag - New Look via asos

This outfit got a lot of love when I posted a mirror selfie on my Instagram page last weekend, so I hope this blog post will get the same reaction. I definitely need to get myself some more breton inspired tops. They look so smart with everything, you soooo can't go wrong with a good stripy garment. Jeans have to be the one thing I hate shopping for but Primark have been my saviour recently. I have this pair and a black pair that I wear constantly and you know what for £10 they're pretty darn good... in fact I would say the best jeans I've ever had. They fit me perfectly and look really flattering. Obviously every girl is different but I strongly recommend trying them out if your struggling to find the perfect jean. *FYI - I added the holes on the knees myself*. Do comment and let me know you thoughts on this outfit, I love reading them.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Summer party outfit

 photo 7f51ce1e-5d29-4ed6-a7a3-8f02a48d0ae7_zps243cecc6.jpg
 photo b4c4f4e4-b21e-45a1-9f05-5968e37f4ecb_zps6b395976.jpg photo cbc5c7d8-ef62-401e-b54b-8eae5c6a88a9_zps181e5423.jpg
Top - Asos  //  Skirt - c/o Sugarhill boutique*  //  Shoes - c/o shelikes*  //  Bag - eBay  //  Necklace - c/o glitzysecrets* 

The lovely ladies at glitzy secrets challenged me to create a summer party outfit based around one of their lovely crystal necklaces and this is what I came up with. Being a summer party I wanted something floaty and went with my lovely pleated midi skirt. I'm so in love with this tshirt at the moment, (how true is this slogan? Yet also very not true) so couldn't not add it into the mix and I think the casual tshirt alongside the glitzy necklace is a perfect combo. Now someone invite me to a summer party please!


Sunday, 17 August 2014

Outfit of the week #66

 photo 26690278-14f1-4611-b46b-ff648f95a5df_zps1002f5ad.jpg
 photo 3d0f3143-7fa4-4b34-b775-d18b5580d580_zps334d43e4.jpg
 photo d5c06f44-da17-4aed-9634-b8ab24f22a2b_zpseb4d97aa.jpg
 photo 6f769fa5-1d47-4e57-875d-424f3f0c804a_zps0174d01e.jpg
 photo 9b45bc50-da03-447b-9c6b-27c989f7d59d_zps04ac865c.jpg
Jacket - Sheinside  //  Dress - New Look  //  Bag - George@Asda  //  Shoes - Matalan  //  Phone case - c/o iconemesis*

This cute phone case goes perfectly with my blush pink jacket. iconemesis have some super cute cases at the moment, a definite hit if you're a bunny fan. The lovely people behind these very funky and cute iPhone cases, iconemesis, kindly gifted me this in order to spread the word about their campaign. They hope to try and expand their brand and range of accessories, so if you want to back them in this endeavour then you have until Thursday to #supporticonemesis on indigogo 

In other news check out these man brogues.... love, love, love. Tan shoes are always flattering (hello tanned legs) and they were £6 in the Matalan sale... amaze! I was actually hoping to wear this last night to a friends birthday bbq but the sun seemed to disappear, so I popped on some jeans and a grey top, with the coat and brogues instead. I think grey compliments this subtle pink coat perfectly!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

DIY. . . wedding shoes!

So our wedding is fast approaching and with less than 3 months to go everything is slowly coming together. Now I know it's bad luck for the groom to see the dress but no one said anything about the shoes right..?

 photo 115a247d-2f8a-4b0e-a3a2-274396429ffd_zpsc6cd9bf3.jpg
 photo f1f39483-392e-4815-8501-0a1338c1711b_zps1c3d1bb5.jpg

I think most ladies are a fan of Manolos, especially after that Sex and the city scene, but most of us can't afford the pretty price tag and theres no way I'm paying nearly the same amount of money for my shoes than I did the actual dress. So I got my thinking cap on and it didn't take me long to figure out a cunning plan. I found myself some lovely satin bridal shoes on the ever popular wedding shoe site elegant steps. Their from the Rainbow brand and a pair I could get dyed to the perfect saffron shade using their custom dye service. I originally had a little confusion over the type of shoe I could get dyed but had a great email conversation with the customer service team who sorted it all out for me with no major issues. When they arrived I was ecstatically happy with the colour, they'll go perfectly with my planned single sunflower bouquet. 

Next I needed to find the perfect shoe clip to pop on the front. I searched all the bridal accessory sites and though I was going to have to settle for just a standard sparkly clip until I stumbled upon an American website called Absolutely Audrey. They stocked the almost exact same shoe clip to the amazing Hangisi Manolo Blahnik's I so covet. I quickly added to my virtual shopping basket and hoped and prayed that they shipped to the UK... and they did... bloody brilliant. Obviously I know they're not exactly like the Manolos, but they're pretty darn close and for just £90 instead of £750 I'm chuffed.

 photo ebbc0621-6d21-4bff-ab28-43859ed69aea_zpsbe6d6108.jpg
 photo 6661d23c-0888-482c-b991-19d3ebe4d70f_zps77e97d04.jpg
 photo 343ac624-9590-48ee-88fa-dc81fcf1f677_zps088d7c32.jpg

They really are beautiful shoes... Although I haven't actually tried them on with the wedding dress yet (I plan to do it this Sunday so fingers crossed they look ok) but even if they're not right for the dress I with definitely wear them with and without the shoe clips at other times.
Now all I need to do is say......

 photo 17898f43-6865-4836-a90d-3237a24bac66_zps97de1c85.jpg