Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Stripes and waistcoats??

 photo 85d4d6f7-27d2-4bca-adf1-d579bd75012f_zps2db82413.jpg photo bd759bc2-74ed-48ae-a835-8d0e07c571b0_zps5ef6105b.jpg photo 435ca4ed-e05d-4f63-95db-77ad6a256a68_zps5f07f1bb.jpg
 photo 03851e62-ed60-43a1-ab6c-4391150b1b44_zps66582c85.jpg
 photo 92404401-25d7-4034-9d3a-fe575eaa7484_zpscc88588b.jpg
Dress - Hidden Fashion  //  Waistcoat - Zara (old)  //  Bag - ?  //  Shoes - Primark

Hello chicks, I wasn't sure this outfit actually worked together or not but I wore it out anyway. I went bridesmaid shoe and accessory shopping wearing this on Sunday because it was warm but cloudy so I needed some kind of cover up. I don't like getting my legs out when the sun isn't shining and this stripy dress is tight so I felt more confident wearing the vest over it. I love the crochet detailing on the sleeves of this dress, its so pretty. Hope you like this outfit, let me know below....

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Outfit of the week #70

 photo b2205fd0-499d-41e1-a3b1-5d8457a6f6fb_zpscb1f978a.jpg photo a4610170-f577-430e-aa6f-a58d1cfd0013_zps21dd818f.jpg photo 44a85a4e-176c-47dd-bcd1-8500013c6119_zpsa0a77eac.jpg photo b1b993f3-0d2d-4431-9e47-57a95eb6dbdf_zps69d9fbd9.jpg

Tshirt - Primark  //  Trousers - H&M (old) similar here  //  Shoes - Matalan (old) similar here //  Bag - ? Similar here  //  Necklace - Topshop

Please excuse the non make up face and grumpiness of these pictures, I wasn't happy with the blog photo taking situation (by this I mean old people milling around wondering what your doing... grrrr). The final pictures weren't quite as bad as I first thought apart from that fact that I should have put some make up on, opps! Anyway this is one of those outfits consisting of old clothes re-worn in new ways. I almost threw these shoes out a little while ago but i'm so glad I didn't, definitely wearing them well here. Also loving this necklace I picked up for £2.50 in the Topshop sale recently. It's got a nice ethnic/buddist kinda feel about it and everyone comments on its prettiness. 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Outfit of the week #69

 photo f60aa9f3-e2b4-4363-a870-af60c1495396_zpsd278af29.jpg
 photo 5d74a931-3282-4cca-ba4a-6c32adc6b7f0_zps052a4be7.jpg
 photo eb46506f-9ee1-4c51-a608-ad5be8f334bb_zpse37b4244.jpg
 photo 2136e722-10fd-4d6e-8ab7-7704dc97bd2e_zpsfb759796.jpg
Jacket  - New Look  //  Dress - New Look  //  Clutch - Ebay  //  Shoes - Deichmann  //  Necklace - Miss Selfridge

So last night was fun! My work had a big 10 years of opening celebration so the fizz was flowing, the music was pumping and now my legs are aching and my toes are blistered... damn you peep toe shoes. It was a fabulous night and I even won an award for the 'best role model'. This is what I wore, after many a shopping trip trying to find a nice dress I ended up wearing an old one. Nice dresses are nowhere to be found at the moment because the shops are all about the winter woolies and coats. I was happy with this ensemble though as i'm loving this jacket so much and I think the gold statement necklace looks great with the lime shift dress. The only trouble with this dress is it is quite short and i'm pretty sure I flashed my knickers.. a lot... when pulling my moves on the dance floor. This week is full of celebrations, I graduate on Thursday.... oooo exciting! I have two potential outfits... quick question to those who have already graduated.... is it best to wear a high front dress rather then a low one so you can safety pin the gown thingy to your dress?

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Pink and denim

 photo c2f8d1f1-a311-421e-b666-1df7fe8e55ba_zpsc5e61d5a.jpg
 photo 314deb4c-29a4-438b-9427-9867760bf4e5_zpsf7ba0968.jpg
 photo 9a81cef8-f0cc-4c9e-b725-df455956aa45_zps5b25e9b5.jpg
 photo 02808967-8a7e-48a0-bd0e-f0dd37d4f439_zps1dfb8252.jpg
 photo 430b8020-5ddc-4b0e-99b0-28e1aabf109b_zps4828010f.jpg
Jacket - Zara  //  Top - Select  //  Trousers - Boohoo  //  Shoes - Matalan  //  Necklace - New Look  //  Bag - George @ Asda

Another causal outfit today... (can you tell I had a boring weekend?). I never thought I'd be a denim jacket wearer but this oversized one I picked up in the Zara sale is my fav at the moment. I think it looks great with my pink crepe trousers, which I didn't think I could ever wear casually but actually they look fab with my bargain tan brogues from Matalan (£6 in the sale, ooo yeah). I did feel a little like Princess Jasmine in these trousers and plaited hair, but thats never a bad thing right?

So its now officially 2 months to the wedding, eek! We managed to order both our rings on Sunday so thats another thing ticked off the list. I'm also heading to the dress makers tonight to see if they can alter my dress. Its a touch too long and I'm paranoid about tripping over it as I walk down the aisle. hopefully the dress maker can ease my worries and I'll get my perfect dress. Can't believe its only two months away, this year has been mega fast.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Outfit of the week #68

 photo 46ab77f5-bae3-4eb1-8648-42b0621e3464_zps6eb2f3e0.jpg
 photo 3db0b920-a1c1-43f0-a58c-2417827b65c3_zps65935a62.jpg
 photo 910d2d60-909f-4d51-9a82-ea4a58db349b_zps549718ce.jpg
 photo 714bb63b-2840-4aa6-9be4-4c91888f7754_zpsa4113b1a.jpg
 photo a79753f9-e058-43e7-a79f-9243e5317ee4_zps675f1a37.jpg
Jacket - New Look  //  Everything else is Primark (tehe)!

A very causal outfit today but I couldn't wait to get this lovely monochrome duster coat into some outfit shots. I wore this get up yesterday for a very exciting day of nothing... literally I was sitting on the sofa all day until I went to the supermarket, food shopping in the evening...what fun weekends I have. Actually tomorrow may be more exciting.. we're heading out to buy wedding bits and bobs such as crafty bits and possibly the rings too, fun fun!! This bag has also not really left my side since I brought it last saturday, I just love the colour and the size and it goes great with this monochrome look. 
Hope you like, let me know in the usual way down below.

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