Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Suiting up

 photo a7fe6c41-1a26-4043-88dc-0a873d853cc9_zpsf40bf9c9.jpg  photo 225c60d6-43cf-41d4-a0d5-1bccac417e9a_zps8ffe711d.jpg  photo b77342e7-6db3-4036-b7f6-766331b4cc90_zpse2b42ef6.jpg  photo 1d4844a2-8ef3-4c7c-bb36-4878aed6a79d_zpsd839c2bb.jpg  photo 56a02908-2fdd-43af-be5d-2339adae80c2_zpsb7063a7e.jpg  photo a5b0dced-c76c-40ca-a749-0e8b30b4f2a2_zps4e7866a2.jpg
jacket - ebay  //  tshirt - primark  //  trousers - primark  //  Shoes - primark  //  clutch - amazon

in love with this kind of androgynous look at the moment. i've always liked the women in a suit look but have always thought heels were the way to go but actually pairing this with my little metallic pumps is now a fav combo. believe it or not this cute little fleece clutch is in fact my mac book carry case but i liked it so much its now become my perfect casual clutch. these trousers are the perfect black trousers, the cropped length is perf and they're a perfect fit... primark kills it again!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Outfit of the week #88

 photo 5a72d313-2393-4edb-9f0b-857d23b0775f_zps240ccdb2.jpg  photo 39600a5c-cabb-486d-9eba-f58f69133b0b_zps7e669184.jpg  photo 86af57f6-bb83-466c-830a-e9ce335724c6_zpsbcabb4f7.jpg  photo b4d93318-e9ab-41d0-887a-4e03dc88bc10_zps8cbfdb3d.jpg  photo 84906386-8acc-4b73-b683-c05e99d8271b_zpse68326d3.jpg
scarf - primark  //  coat - f&f at tesco (old)  //  jeans - primark  //  boots - george@asda 

this crazy cold weather has got me covered from head to toe this week, literally my face and hands are the only skin on show in these pictures and if it was possible for a balaclava to look chic it would have been worn. the only reason i'm not wearing a bobble hat is because i actually liked my hair this weekend... i've been hating on my hair for a couple of weeks, it needs a trim and this weather has been making it all frizzy, dry and static so I booked me an appointment for next week and guess what, the hair decides to play ball and has actually looked decent all weekend, typical. i can't express my love for cobalt blue and houndstooth, such a great combo. hope you like.


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Stripes and tartan!

 photo 11910e40-0b91-41d6-a0b7-6a86104867f3_zps77fb8695.jpg  photo 8db1d24b-ffe0-428f-9776-9538fac72d4f_zps8b701388.jpg  photo eef317ab-95dd-4d94-9415-30ca7747b44c_zps3274b1b6.jpg  photo 9fcb2edd-0b30-448a-9702-4ec8492a3cd4_zpsd3efbae9.jpg  photo fca9414e-62a5-4050-b79e-e8b1b013f6b1_zps8ca6221c.jpg  photo 563e9995-4520-48ce-9f60-175b509c5356_zpsc0aef6f5.jpg
jacket - primark  //  dress - primark  //  scarf -primark  //  boots - george@asda  //  bag - c/o soinfashion * (old)

Theres something about strips and tartan that works so well together, i always feel pretty darn cool when i pair them in an outfit. although to be fair this scarf could make anything look cool, definitely my favourite scarf. this is an outfit of recycled clothing, its all at least a year old and had been long forgotten about at the back of the wardrobe (apart from the scarf, the scarf is always to hand). i desparately need to do something with my hair. i don't have much of a style at the mo as its grown just a little too long and the colour... don't even.... i'm thinking I might go for a mid length graduated bob and a subtle dark to light brown ombre colouring... pass me the hair dye!


Sunday, 18 January 2015

Outfit of the week #87

 photo 2fbe7e98-5b76-453c-9bce-6a698dc3f8fd_zps13f5ce75.jpg  photo 87d3d65c-299a-4081-8b59-34adf808078d_zpsfed5c34b.jpg  photo 0f478e40-d8c8-44fa-8ad9-1be349e406f0_zps4bd0689b.jpg  photo af7a6804-fcc9-4f97-bda6-1e9f14cd28b2_zps76e3efba.jpg  photo fecf268d-7189-4653-b7a1-740fabfe5079_zps8abc0b8d.jpg  photo ef0da7fd-5deb-42d3-93f1-c94b37fdb540_zpsd18bb9b3.jpg
cape - george@asda  //  jumper - primark  //  skirt - primark  //  boots - c/o online avenue *  //  belt - matalan (old)

i really like the cape trend thats happening this winter season, i love that floaty, boho, world traveller look, but couldn't ever commit to a design i liked. i didn't want to opt for the popular tartan/check look, plus i definitely have too much check in my wardrobe at the moment. so i was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this cutie in asda last weekend. its a great neutral colour palette that will go with everything, the pattern is subtle but can easily be transitioned throughout the seasons i think. i wore this into london yesterday for a trip to the science museum and then a meal out and theatre trip as a wedding present from our friends. layering was my friend, as you can see from the random white specks in these photos, it was snowing and very cold. did you buy into the cape trend this season, how did you style yours?


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Nail art: Chic triangles

 photo f1028ebb-ee6a-4ca7-b767-0a46152f58aa_zpsfefe62e0.jpg

i always get a lot of insta love for my nail art so i thought i would bite the bullet and re introduce a bit of beauty to my blog and slip in the occasional nail art tutorial. i'm going to start with an easy one that simply requires one nail polish of choice, a fine nail brush and a steady hand, although as you can see, mine aren't the neatest so don't worry if you wobble a bit (they always look better from afar anyway).

 photo e3a1d5f9-7032-4ea1-aae3-256b3fae2e0a_zpsf5e795e6.jpg

firstly choose a colour and on each nail draw a cross with a fine brush. then simply fill in the rest as you would normally paint your nails, taking care to stay within the lines.

 photo d17227b8-21ba-487f-8462-0cb4baa8a44d_zps61036f34.jpg

once dry seal with a top coat and voila simple yet chic and effective nails.
hope you like these kind of posts, would you like to see more?


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