Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Leather pants

as aforementioned in my previous outfit post, i recently had a birthday, which saw myself and the husband heading into london on saturday to see 'The Book of Mormon' we had a fantastic time and the show is hilarious! while there we had a wander round covent garden, ate amazing food and drank some yummy cocktails. . . perhaps being a year older isn't so bad after all. we had had such amazing weather the days leading up to our outing that we were sorely disappointed when we woke up to rain. my bag then broke on the way to the train station (after taking these pictures) and we had to get 2 trains and a bus because of maintenance work on the tracks. we though our trip was douse in bad luck but actually the sun came out, i brought a new bag once we were in london and the journey seemed quicker then first expected. 

 photo dc3fece1-a321-49ca-b43a-4a21112ff5de_zpsxmhuv4ed.jpg  photo d0b7f80c-ef05-4e10-b5d4-849e6fa3b902_zpsljfe82lr.jpg  photo f3ef0b8c-8f81-4dec-a2a0-0f2f8936b419_zpsgxzicuzw.jpg  photo 4a9bbe25-6c8f-47aa-aa9c-42cfabf1c16a_zpsgvk018id.jpg  photo c8ec134c-b4e3-440c-b9bd-5bb36e3fb703_zpszmucwyol.jpg
jacket - c/o another8 *   //  shirt - primark  //  trousers - zara  //  bag - primark (now in a random bin in london)  //  shoes - primark  //  necklace (old) - c/o daisymaejewellery *

so yeah the bag you see in these pictures is no more and is chilling in a bin in london but it did mean i could go shopping for a new bag (yay) and i got a lovely big white shopper bag from primark, i love it, so really this bag was meant to break on me! 


Sunday, 12 April 2015

outfit of the week #98 black and navy

another week is done and i'm a year older due to an unwelcome birthday on thursday. i never thought i'd be fussed about getting older but when it happens it kinda sucks. i won't be in my twenties for much longer and that makes me a little sad. on a more positive note i have fallen in love with the colour navy. these hybrid fashion trousers are gorgeous and so flattering. i know the 'rule' is don't wear black and navy together but i'm a big fan. i felt very chic and almost parisian in this little get up last sunday. the hair, might i add, is a little less parisian but hey it was a 'can't be bothered to wash it until later' kinda day. 

 photo 8d5c5d25-d1e0-4459-90ab-cc535f58c0e3_zpsc4qttqhl.jpg  photo c78ebf3b-0e6f-44e9-917c-abbcd48c0994_zpsmesohezp.jpg  photo 37b5607a-8bf3-4161-8a40-61bd916922b4_zpsze8afpan.jpg  photo ed1af785-8b27-4a5e-91e9-db932be7defc_zpsppfxduri.jpg  photo b70297cc-72cb-4c70-afdb-fda608124d09_zpsvqnmzcbc.jpg  photo 41f09ade-fb72-48a2-b8d7-8c3f23c10df2_zps3inqatpy.jpg
jacket - asos  //  top - primark  //  trousers - c/o hybrid *  //  shoes - f&f at tesco  //  bag - primark 

also loving these little pointed monochrome flats. i'm excited for the weather to cheer up so I can start wearing more open shoes and sandals, i hate having cold feet so my tootsies have been firmly under wraps all a/w, come on spring warm my feet.


Wednesday, 8 April 2015

where's the rum?

feeling a little jack sparrow in this get up, hence the title. yep it's more seventies inspired fashion from me (i just can't get enough). the husband and i went to a food festival on good friday and we got so many comments, from being called 'obvious musicians' to 'you're rocking the hippy headband therefore must like chilli sauce' (eh?). so i would say if you want to stand out and feel insanely cool then get yourself to h&m and grab one of these headbands. although I have to say I think the jacket helped too, bladdy love this jacket from another8.

 photo 01349c13-51fc-4008-a49e-f4797d73ada0_zpswuyj52gq.jpg  photo dab041ec-0e01-4b2a-a11d-6a8eecbb44c0_zpsddoguyv0.jpg photo 810d3704-b683-4438-ae36-f7a8507d07b4_zpsobnrxaqp.jpg  photo 4c9cbc7e-b3b4-40de-ad43-9dde1fdd0add_zpsnnnuwxia.jpg photo d251709d-3fee-4d69-a153-e5236cb5ad71_zpsnjjhz2ry.jpg  photo 714e043f-52ab-4306-9421-d662dfcfdeb4_zpsvhskmbpg.jpg
headband - h&m  //  shirt - new look  //  jeans - primark  //  bag - primark (old)  //  jacket - c/o another8 *  // boots - c/o hidden fashion *

its my birthday tomorrow so we have a couple of days off work, its nice to have a four day weekend again. we're heading into london on saturday to see the Book of Mormon show, and then perhaps a cocktail or two in covent garden. hope the weather stays nice for us, wandering around london in the rain is never fun!!!


Sunday, 5 April 2015

outfit of the week #97

i may be enjoying the seventies trend a little too much lately. i think every outfit i've worn in the last couple of weeks has had some kind of seventies influence. this one being no exception. . . we have the suede tasselled jacket and the little mustard skirt, which by the way is a primark find from about 3 years ago, pretty glad i didn't throw it away. this light weight blue shirt is a staple in my wardrobe at the moment. it's just so easy to team with jeans or a skirt like this. it gives the denim shirt look I want but it isn't heavy and stiff like some denim shirts. 

 photo 215ad0c0-865d-46c5-9066-a2a374519cf3_zpsqeqkjics.jpg  photo 3eacbf68-efa8-4c7c-a222-8a79ab7cd298_zps1gkiy4tw.jpg  photo feb622e3-17dd-4f39-a5a5-38a803ba4140_zpseunpedob.jpg  photo e09f30e7-6673-4b20-9076-229012bd136d_zpsyroxzixr.jpg
 photo ef97c33c-a04e-441a-a4ed-b1b0aa89868f_zpshsy5x8zb.jpg
jacket  -  c/o celeblook *  //  shirt - new look  //  skirt - primark (old)  //  boots - matalan (old)  //  clutch - primark 

i'm loving this new church door background for my outfit posts, although i'm really having to ignore my people watching me insecurities as the public are constantly driving/walking past while we're taking pictures. . . and i hope the vicar doesn't mind me using his backdoor as a backdrop!! i went to a hat party last night, which gave me a chance to wear the fedora from my previous post again, expect some hat related instagram pics if you follow me on there (@lazy2lovely) .


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

embracing the 70s

i've always loved seventies fashion, its definitely an era i should have been born in. little ditsy florals are my favourite and i've finally bagged myself a fedora, thank you primark. although so far its been way too windy to actually wear it out the house. i wore this outfit literally all of last weekend. smock dresses are so comfortable and i can see me wearing this sleeveless blazer with everything!
 photo 614010da-f9e5-4dca-aa1c-9b51f22dd460_zpsea25kn9q.jpg  photo bbbdf524-771d-4533-bc3d-e87685509419_zpsi2dbclk4.jpg  photo 92505f1b-693e-48af-9cd2-b23f31e3a0f0_zpsadorcetu.jpg photo ba9db41a-14c7-4231-acaf-e4845e27ceb7_zpszjxbw4sw.jpg photo 7d143038-99f2-490e-8af1-813acf257238_zpsqml8og2i.jpg  photo 9adc206d-54a9-4382-9517-9b79143400e6_zpsslsasfwc.jpg  photo f18a9dc7-c33f-4087-b58e-f8c7c9b470ae_zpsyiydqlyl.jpg
dress - can't remember soz  //  sleeveless blazer - eBay  //  faux fur stole - new look  // bag - matalan (old)  //  hat - primark  //  boots - c/o onlineavenue * 

it was pretty darn windy when we took these pictures but they didn't turn out too bad in the end. the necklace i'm wearing in this outfit was found down the back of my chest of drawers in our recent house move. don't you just love it when you find something you completly forgot you had. hope you like.


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