Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Printed trousers

 photo e7635966-f0ab-4722-9f61-39ee563ff16e_zps3a6c7698.jpg  photo 08acd964-c5d9-45fe-8a02-cc55f9ba5d46_zps777330cd.jpg  photo a7ec67a6-0689-43de-abaf-d95ab84999c3_zpsda8428b1.jpg photo baf80fa4-6966-4a9a-872b-3baaf31e1358_zps91188c6d.jpg
Jacket - sheinside  //  Top - Select  //  Trousers - c/o Gemini *  //  Shoes - Matalan  //  Necklace - Topshop

Another autumnal location for my pictures today. The weather was just too nice at the weekend so both Saturday and Sunday outfits were photographed for your viewing pleasure. We went to a friends house for lunch on Sunday and this is what I wore, unfortunately while running around playing the fool with their little girl I twisted my ankle and could barely walk on Sunday night when I got home. Luckily its easing up now, the perils of getting old hey, no more running through cow fields for me!! These trousers were kindly sent to me from gemini fashion. They're by Sandwich, a premium brand, and are quite possibly the most comfortable trousers I have ever worn. I love the subtle print and they go great with a white tee and my light pink jacket.  It was quite windy on Sunday morning so excuse the flying jacket. I wish I could take my outfit photos in this location all the time but sadly it's too far away so probably back to my brick wall on Sunday.


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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Outfit of the week #75

 photo 985ce37b-4693-4e73-a9ef-6b3157bc631b_zps86454537.jpg  photo 95d081f0-72fb-48a9-8475-4741db11ddb2_zps4d1f6d9b.jpg  photo 15f9a482-2533-4d1a-95eb-e793780950b1_zps7d2ac063.jpg  photo 8b10c40d-ea95-42bc-bd0e-97c494876983_zpsa5d38a86.jpg photo 488acd15-2eb9-4578-9da5-0a7d1af4ed10_zps685ad41e.jpg  photo 603f1bb5-f137-4af8-9df7-9bdcfe194997_zps4c2a305c.jpg
                            Jacket - Primark (old)  //  Top - c/o Hidden fashion *  //  Jeans - Primark  //  Boots George @ Asda  //  Bag - Primark

Feeling very Autumnal this weekend. Although I hate the change from hot to cold weather I must say I do love the change in seasons. Some of the colours around at the moment are just beautiful and I think the leaves in these shots really complement my outfit. A nice casual look today, something I wore on Saturday just to the supermarket and for a stroll in the autumn weather. Tartan seems to be back for the Autumn/Winter season, which I'm very happy about. I adore this cute bell sleeve top from Hidden fashion, a great vibrant red and I love the cute pu detail on the pockets. I literally haven't stopped using this bag since I brought it and I'm super excited to be wearing my favourite tasseled leather jacket again. I haven't posted since last sunday because I had my hen weekend in Nottingham last weekend so no time to take outfit pictures sadly.  I had such  great time in Nottingham with my hens, we drank lots (including chilli shots from some strange man) we danced a hell of a lot (my bruised big toes are still hurting) and we made many a cocktail (apparently thats not my best skill). So now the hen and stag dos are all over it really is countdown to the big day itself, we have 13 days to finish off all plans, buy last minute bits and bobs and generally get nervous.... here goes!

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Outfit of the week #74

 photo 1270caeb-1bea-4911-8e89-e714258b38b1_zpsf4e4fcee.jpg photo ed72706b-57ff-4229-9371-65daa1e85f8b_zpseb5358fa.jpg photo 3365cb34-9144-4aaa-a8de-51da6351ec77_zps9276c5d5.jpg photo ed72706b-57ff-4229-9371-65daa1e85f8b_zpseb5358fa.jpg photo 41545de3-7967-4186-9204-974bf459d918_zps31008d32.jpg
Coat - c/o Krisp Clothing *  //  Top - George@Asda  //  Jeans - Primark  //  Boots - Matalan  //  Bag - Primark

Hello Winter... cannot believe the summer is finally gone it makes me very sad. But I' am very happy to be able to wear this lovely parka coat. I don't always choose the most practical winter coat as i'm such a sucker for a fashionable one so I'm excited to actually have a padded, warm coat that has a hood, bring on the snow... and for under £40 you can't complain really. I'm a big fan of this Primark bag, its such a cute shape and I love the studded detail too.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Hybrid fashion

 photo 512ef3ec-8df0-4d92-a361-592dd024eab1_zps5251b2a0.jpg  photo 11c422f8-069e-4775-8bce-9005b760d018_zpse31bb6e6.jpg photo 9ccadc9e-4bb4-4bc9-b954-5d3ce4a573ae_zps1be5d569.jpg  photo d4bdcba6-5158-43b1-8510-d3e6613198c4_zps108c0e63.jpg  photo f416e8dc-1be8-4b26-8857-bea7a55c2c4a_zps2682137b.jpg
Dress - c/o Hybrid *  //  Shoes - fashion union  //  Clutch - eBay 

Check me out in a nice posh dress. Isn't it gorgeous? A lovely vibrant magenta colour, it fits like a glove and the structured shoulders and pleats make it so flattering. I feel amazing in it but have nowhere to wear it... someone needs to invite me to a wedding or a posh ball or something! Hybrid have fantastic dresses on their site, they're expensive but I can truly say they are quality dresses for that posh event you might have.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Outfit of the week #73

 photo 39823c85-2710-4747-9f31-d2001adbc953_zpsfc59802a.jpg photo 8c108d7a-c867-4300-ba02-261e5f70ca76_zps6cfb64ca.jpg
 photo f9807b54-e69a-4b2a-830b-a0e30d7e95c6_zps05466b8f.jpg
 photo b87d0a98-df5c-41a7-b82f-48f2626a6b79_zpsc6391c68.jpg
 photo 1f7c4821-7506-4b05-b6fd-00efde63f5a6_zpsc75713eb.jpg
Jacket - c/o Quiz *  //  Tshirt - Asos (old)  //  Jeans - Primark  //  Shoes - Topshop (old)  //  Bag - Primark

Hello again, I think Autumn is definitely upon us now, it is certainly feeling colder and I think the scarfs and winter hats will need to come out very soon. Lukily the last week has been fairly mild so I was able to style up this gorgeous lace jacket without it being hidden by a coat. I love this jacket, its such a great length and considering I'm not really keen on black lace on clothing I think this is going to become a firm favourite. Also loving this cute little square bag from Primark. again its a fab size although the shape does mean my long purse doesn't actually fit in it! These leopard print Topshop slipper shoes are so old and practically falling apart but I can't bare to part with them, we all have a pair of shoes like that right? 

Now were into October, the boy and I are officially getting married next month! So surreal... everyone keeps asking if we're getting nervous but it still doesn't feel like its going to happen, even though it really has to now. People also assume that we're going to be all stressed out and crazed  but I haven't had any part of it seem overly stressful... so far! The guest list was the only minor difficult part but really not that bad. I expect the next 4 weeks will be crazy and certainly the week leading up to the big day will be manic and neve wracking but the whole experience  seems to have been fairly plain sailing compared to others, lets hope it stays that way. Would love to here your wedding issues, worries, stresses, comment below!