Sunday, 29 March 2015

outfit of the week #96 - pinstripes and moccasins

 photo d7bcc9ac-08ba-4995-9d16-031c5b805a47_zpsqhl94rpa.jpg  photo afa8f26d-e788-468a-9ce3-aef69debd035_zpsuqo3xpzw.jpg  photo f04af581-0422-401d-af02-154a6a1713be_zpsxjfxa1re.jpg  photo f99134dd-f8fe-4252-a448-a7b1e763df18_zps9ytkqyfg.jpg photo 8506873c-e6d0-4e17-84dd-27fefb873ebf_zpsnudmnsvz.jpg  photo f6bb83b1-0ffb-4a81-97a7-6e9da3f88fa6_zpsuqlo6to0.jpg  photo 178d51fc-a689-4afa-8afc-1a982dbc0b94_zpspzrsu4zk.jpg
jumper - primark  //  trousers - primark  //  bag - primark  // shoe - c/o shoezone *  //  chain necklace - h&m (old)

i am writing this post as i am trapped in the new flat. yep actually trapped. the husband went off to work early this morning and double locked the door from the outside and now I can't open the door (you can't lock/unlock from the inside, its an old school chain thingy). i have to admit i'm alittle distressed about the whole issue. . . but only because i had planned a shopping trip and now i can't go.

anyway as I have the time I thought I would write up this post. i wore this outfit to a friends gig last sunday. how cute are these platformed moccasins from shoezone. i love them, i love the colour, i love the shininess, i love that they are slip ons and i love the little bit of extra height they give me, to darn cute. i think they go perfectly with my little pinstripe jumper and smart black cropped trews. this outfit is a bargainers delight, shoezone shoes and the rest is primark, perf! p.s loving my hair in these pics, why can't it always look like this? right now i'm off to . . . well wait for luke to get home so i can leave the house. . . 


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

the wide leg trouser

when skinnies came into fashion I was like 'noooo way' and now thats all I ever wear... wide legs, boot cuts and flares seem to be making an appearance again and i'm yet to fully commit but i fell in love with these wide leg sporty trousers when i saw a couple of bloggers wearing them on instagram. I luckily found them in the sale for £9.99 so thought i'd give them ago. I love the shape they create due to the length and how they hang. They are really long so only heels will do or i'd be face down, tripping over all night. I wore this out recently to a gig and the husband commented that it was quite a different look for me but he did approve.

 photo f82557e9-606f-417f-888c-e774a67bd8a6_zpsmfkr8m2e.jpg photo b15c7c38-4a3d-4aa4-9349-85b06dcbbe07_zpsblkktasa.jpg  photo 85826d5e-2567-468a-ac9e-9efe48caf341_zpsnflqjh5k.jpg  photo 1678a486-047c-4970-8365-780057292c65_zps96om4fzz.jpg  photo c54b77af-6af4-45fd-b11c-f83cbbcad39b_zpspuh9shid.jpg  photo ed011b50-987c-4bf8-bd8d-c599a9190699_zpswodaomgc.jpg photo 11050bc8-fcaa-4829-a0cc-8a39a0b5d346_zpsuiwbyuuz.jpg
jacket - asos  //  vest - new look  //  trousers - zara  //  bag - eBay  //  necklace - c/o mink & stone *

check out my amazing custom made 'lazytolovely' necklace designed by yours truly. the lovelies behind mink & stone allowed me to design my very own necklace and then only went ahead and made it for me didn't they? i designed this long rope necklace (i doubled it up for this outfit) by making an account via mink & stone and then proceeded to design a couple of necklaces using the variety of beads and designs they have available. its very exciting designing you own piece and the fact that i could make a custom designed necklace relating to this blog was even more special. i absolutely love it, thank you mink & stone. go and make your own necklace or bracelet too.


Sunday, 22 March 2015

outfit of the week #95

so apparently i can't live without internet for any length of time. for the last couple of weeks we've been moving house and currently have no wifi (it's coming Tuesday we hope) and i've been absolutely desperate to log on and get an internet fix so i'm currently propped up in a local cafe stealing their internet for an hour to two. It's amazing how not being active on the blog/instagram/twitter leaves you feeling a little lost and it has a massive impact on the unfollows, which makes me sad.

any way while feeling very hipster sat by the window with my flat white, blogging, i bring you another outfit post. its been a while and its not the most exciting of outfits but it's a necessary casual look and a staple of mine during the transition between winter to spring. hope you like it and all being well i'll be back with another outfit on Wednesday (Come on BT deliver me the wifi).

 photo cd738a57-4b23-415c-bc54-f3b6deef14d3_zpsnjfxebdb.jpg  photo ab04dea4-58aa-468d-bf18-bd831c0a34e5_zpsfl1vvwsg.jpg  photo 14fedadf-bd94-4a9e-b706-1b8de715d5ee_zpsvr8uf4tk.jpg  photo 517895be-ab8d-4d27-96e2-15b1cb71c018_zpsva65tju3.jpg  photo 1b5fde39-a558-4a7c-8428-9b08d55f1ece_zpsembu4bwp.jpg  photo b97c5b28-5ba1-466a-a514-45f9325a74ae_zpsvpceupzw.jpg
coat - new look  //  jeans - primark  //  jumper - c/o blue vanilla *  //  bag - primark  //  trainers - c/o krisp clothing *

i really do love these little hi tops, although not loving the mud stains on the toes already, the perils of bright white trainers eh! so with the new move has meant a new blog photo background, luckily we have an amazing church right opposite us now so plenty of opportunity for some fab backgrounds,  stay tuned for more.


Sunday, 8 March 2015

outfit of the week #94

 photo ca0d3e2a-40a1-404e-9686-0eb8e217e297_zpsyk9qi7bz.jpg
 photo d815f91e-c8ad-47ce-aa44-75cba81303f7_zpsqtavlbt6.jpg photo 5ebe3508-0f77-43a2-be4d-b91fabec29f2_zpsqoz2lrhp.jpg  photo 0536eda0-3d30-40f0-9672-0f22f1a419e3_zpsinva2nvh.jpg
denim jacket - zara  //  tshirt - primark  //  necklace - h&m  //  jeans - primark  //  ankle boots - c/o hiddenfasion *  //  bag - zara  

as much as we all like to dress up in heels and dresses you really can't beat a good old jeans and ankle boots combo. . . heck you can always jazz it up with a statement necklace and a neon bag! what makes this outfit all the more amazing is these boots are a mere £5, hidden fashion is a fabulous place full of £5 wonders that are honestly good quality, these little babies are not only gorgeous but fleece lined i tells ya, cosy! i seriously don't know what i did when i didn't own this denim jacket. i love all of its oversized goodness and if i ever have an outfit where i'm just not sure what coat looks best, this denim jacket always pulls through for me. p.s it windy when we took these photos.


Thursday, 5 March 2015

all black errrrthang

 photo 3108f338-9b56-46bf-923c-1a8c06a94352_zpsvkswmvut.jpg
 photo a806f2fb-35be-485f-bf32-7983b4dc42bc_zpssfc5szco.jpg  photo 5d144c02-92a4-4f49-aa10-fc860d40fd37_zpstmwkywtg.jpg  photo 3d994ba5-c84c-48c3-8891-beadcce60147_zps9g9bgdtv.jpg  photo cafa9cb0-9e71-4439-abeb-3d12297a259e_zpsemqnrxej.jpg
jacket - c/o another8 *  //  tshirt - primark  //  jeans - primark  //  bag - primark  //  necklaces - topshop and h&m  //  boots - c/o barratts * (old)

i think when you have an all black outfit its the rules to post some monochrome photos rights? how amazing is this coat from ultra cool brand another8? i have to say i felt a cross between goth and the matrix as I walked around in it but in my mind thats a great look for me. you can't really go wrong with a long black coat, its a classic item that will forever be in my wardrobe and when its gloriously lined with a white pinstripe fabric i feel a little excited for myself. i guess the rest of the outfit is pretty meh in comparison but I don't care, look at my coat!!!!


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