Sunday, 24 May 2015

outfit of the week #104

luke and i went wandering round windsor on tuesday, we had a lovely day, despite a few rain showers but a yummy brunch at 'bills' made it all ok... any kind of brunch is going to make life more positive right? apparently my outfit is slightly russell brand inspired, which i'm fine with, love a bit of russell. a nice pair of black jeans, a band tee and a leather jacket is the best kind of outfit some days and this was one of those days. i was afraid i'd look a bit ragged and windswept in these pictures as we were walking back to the car after three rain showers and winds, but I'm pleasantly surprised about the neatness of my hair, it didn't feel that tame at the time of photo posing, the expression 'bedraggled' comes to mind.

graffiti wall casual rockstar stylePixies tshirtround sunglasses black jeans and band tee fedora, fringe leather jacket rockstar outfit hat - primark  //  jacket - primark  //  jeans - Primark  //  boots - c/o hiddenfashion *  //  tshirt - gift  //  sunglasses - camden market  

we found some awesome backdrops on our stroll so did get a bit snap happy i'm afraid. how awesome are these sunglasses? i must go back to camden market soon and pick up some more bargain accessories, i always find great sunglasses and jewellery there. i do hope i'm not wearing ankle boots for much longer this year but theres no denying that these £5 babies are excellent, love the buckle detailing and they're fleece lined too, mmmmm cosy. 


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

bohemian military jumpsuit

can we all just take a moment to appreciate this fine jumpsuit. it's got it all, flattering top half, military vibes and although it comes with a khaki tie belt I love that i can add my fav belt to clinch it in at the waist and make my legs look uber long. and hell yes to the 70s spin by adding this floaty tasseled kimono (sorry girls its from boohoo but years old). i almost paired it with pointed black heels, but was having a fat feet day (come on we all have em) so opted for my trusty boots instead.

military style jumpsuitutility style jumpsuit lob and bangs primark jumpsuit utility style
jumpsuit of dreams - primark  //  kimono - boohoo (old - similar here)  //  boots - c/o barretts * (old)  //  clutch bag - primark

although this jumpsuit is amazing it does need some careful styling otherwise it can look baggy and unflattering. i think for me it only works gathered together at the waist. i also have to pin the front together otherwise we may have boob issues and i would always wear something over the top as I have quite narrow shoulders meaning the top half is generally very baggy on me. I think heels are a must too otherwise the jumpsuit would just completely swamp me. . . but isn't it ace? originally i was wearing it with a little leather jacket but i'm so glad i pop on my kimono on, completely changed the look and I felt great in it all night.


Sunday, 17 May 2015

outfit of the week #103

So the sun peeked out a tiny bit last sunday so i got my legs out... ok i lie I'm the least brave person ever so the tights were firmly on but still, i'm in a skirt. i've said it before and i'll say it again, theres something so right about leopard print and stripes together and with the mustard skirt and washed out oversized denim you can't go wrong, am i right? i have my new fave primark sunnies on again, obvs and the little satchel bag adds a dot of quirk to proceedings. i think this might be one of my favourite looks of spring/summer so far.

mustard A line skirt bangs breton primark sunglasses boyfriend denim breton and mustard jacket - zara  //  tshirt - primark  //  skirt - primark (old)  //  shoes - c/o krisp clothing *  //  sunglasses - primark

i'm on a bit of a high this weekend as i have a nice relaxing week off work. its been a little craaaaazy lately so to have a week of nothingness is just what the doctor ordered. i hope the weather perks up but if not never mind. i mentioned in my last post about getting my hair cut so I may do that at some point this week (check out my instagram for possible hair updates). my hair has been behaving well lately though and looking nice, isn't that always the way when you decide to change it up a bit?!! seeya for a new outfit post on wednesday, leave me your comments below.


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

cape vibes

yep i'm in the ripped denims again. . . i can't help it, i just love 'em. i should probably get some new ones. i was actually brave and wore my fedora around tescos on saturday, (the glamorous life of me huh)! i got the odd stare here and there not as bad as i had anticipated. a simple grey marl tee and jeans is the best kind of outfit sometimes, good old primark giving the basics and would you believe the cape is george at asda! highstreet fashion is the best.

boho cape and fedora fedora hat fedora cape vibes primark sunglasses cape - george at asda  //  tshirt - primark  //  jeans - primark  //  shoes - matalan  (old)  //  sunglasses & fedora - primark  //  necklace - new look 

definitely excited to start wearing sunglasses again, how cool are these basic clubmaster dupes from, yep you guessed it, primark? they have a cool tortoise shell frame and gold accents, probably my perfect style and shape of glasses ever . . . although aviators are still hot! i've been loving my hair in the last few outfit posts but I'm getting a bored again, i think i want to go really dark brown and try a bit of a shorter bob, perhaps a graduated, slightly longer at the front look, what do you guys think? 


Sunday, 10 May 2015

outfit of the week #102

yay back with another outfit. this a fairly casual look but you can't go wrong with breton and the current blogger fav, a sleeveless blazer. i'm pretty much living in my ripped denims lately (as you can tell from my previous outfit posts). its funny how you go through phases of wearing certain items and then you don't wear them for ages again.

casual ootd sleeveless blazer and ripped jeans beachy waves ripped jeans and stripes breton stripes primark white shopper bag top - hidden fashion  //  jeans - primark  //  sleeveless blazer - eBay  //  shoes - f&f at tesco  //  bag - primark 

i love this big shopper bag from primark. its a 'mistake bag' as a handle on an old one broke while I was out and about so i needed to buy a new one quick, but I love it and I think the white looks so crisp and fresh especially with this monochrome stripes and pointed flats ensemble. talking of these pointed flats aren't they just perf, love a good tesco find. 


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