Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Classic white shirt

 photo 50f9709f-36e9-4f8f-9c93-158d3aede9e5_zps15ce95bf.jpg
 photo ab2515fa-d210-40b4-a45f-945538ad4208_zpsf2a2f1c7.jpg
 photo 011d2566-1d87-45dd-b8e8-6f1131f448ae_zps7e509a6d.jpg
 photo aad13f15-0ccc-48aa-8c90-52e188b6b98d_zpse77d1dbc.jpg
 photo 37b3c82e-692f-445a-88e8-b1d36a03bae5_zpseffc5188.jpg
Shirt - Primark  //  Trousers - Boohoo  //  Shoes - H&M  //  Clutch - c/o LYDC *

I love this look, very 'grown up' but still looking chic. You can't beat a classic white shirt and this one goes perfectly with these lovely blush pink crepe trousers from Boohoo. As it's such a fresh looking outfit I could only pair it with nude heels and this gorgeous laser cut white clutch from LYDC. I hadn't really heard of Lydc before but having had a good browse on their site I can safely say I'm a fan, this particular clutch is only £13 and they have an epic range of bags from satchels (my next purchase) to rucksacks and they also have a range of shoes and clothing... who knew? I really want to wear this outfit to meet my girls next Friday but we're going for a curry... possibly a bad idea wearing such light clothing!!!
Hope you like.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Outfit of the week #62

 photo ab6bcdc8-23be-4b86-a7b8-7d13b94364c9_zps90f9f967.jpg
 photo 50219cf6-0cfe-49ed-bb5b-7ddacbf1aa9f_zps703b38a3.jpg
 photo 38fcdf1b-3af3-461e-9abb-5f5ac8cf0588_zps19160ba7.jpg
 photo 52c0ec69-86a4-4b06-9202-172d9d1e0c47_zpsa3e59267.jpg
 photo 473d80ad-88dc-4274-82ac-6a7e4a0a1912_zps33704ed8.jpg
Dress - c/o French Connection *  //  Denim jacket - Zara (similar here)  //  Shoes - H&M  //  Bag - New Look via Asos

As much as I love the sunshine its very hard trying to get good outfit shots in this bright weather, I think I'll be taking them early evening in future. I was very lucky to be offered a French Connection dress to style up, having never owned anything from French Connection (no not even one of those FCUK t shirts) I wasn't sure what their dreses were like so I just picked the prettiest one I could see. Which was this 'squiggle' smock dress (now in the sale for £33... go buy). I've added a belt as the length was a bit too long for my short body and popped on an oversized denim jacket for that casual effect. These beaut sandals were a sale buy from H&M at the end of last summer so I haven't been able to wear them until now, what with winter and all, but I still love them and can see them being worn with many an outfit for an added bit of height but without having to wear major heels. How awesome is my new 'clutch me' clutch bag...? Everyone loves a slogan and this one is just plain cute and its pastel colours, win!
Hope you like


Sunday, 13 July 2014

Outfit of the week #61

 photo 8fc8d9f5-e40c-496f-b582-8e5489a824c4_zpsef2dc7de.jpg
 photo 4eb2f3f2-d312-4c2d-86ed-5fc761ee3f42_zps401c119b.jpg
 photo 2e5b2f02-72c4-4f55-9760-b0ff500fcf12_zps4d88cc8a.jpg
Top - c/o Krisp clothing *  //  Skirt - H&M  //  Bag - Zara  //  Shoes - Diechmann

Hi Kids,  another week over and another outfit for you all to peruse. This ones a little different actually. I love this great crochet tasselled top from Krisp clothing but I wasn't sure how to style it. I wanted something a little different from the obvious denim shorts or black trousers so I went for a little lace detailed tube skirt form H&M and my favourite Zara bag to add a dash of colour! I never get tired of wearing these gorgeous shoes so overall I'm quite please with this look! I'm still not entirely sure how else I could wear this top so any suggestion would be appreciated, just leave a comment below. 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Pancho's footwear

 photo a8fe9c19-076c-4d22-9bf8-d271297fda3f_zps32df0b59.jpg
 photo 03ea618d-10c8-4b0a-80db-af13a2770269_zps62713d48.jpg
 photo fd60521f-6778-4fd6-9f6e-ae5d5fa05c34_zps812ae122.jpg
 photo e46a6d19-9ddb-4ceb-b90a-2a32a9c7e408_zps09cc7d1e.jpg
 photo 2bd3f3bb-f668-40dd-8b13-00d7350762d0_zps290ca50e.jpg
Shoes - c/o Pancho's Footwear *  //  Top - Select  //  Shorts - Ebay  //  Bag - New Look via Asos    

I may just have the coolest trainers ever....
Yep, check these bad boys out... not only are they gorgeous but they are a very high quality, hand crafted sneakers made from genuine Aguayo material. The pattern, the colours, the skull label,  the name everything about them is amazing. The boy is incredibly jealous and wishes he was a size 5, although I'm thinking bright pink may be the wrong choice for him! They're actually a very reasonable £65 considering the quality and uniqueness of them (and these ones are on actually on sale at the moment). Go check them out here or equally find out more by following them on twitter and instagram

Yep I've also got 'that' New Look white backpack... I know I know everyone has it but its so nice! I've just realised that I'm not actually wearing it on my back in any of the pictures, but I have actually used it loads (on my back and everything) since purchasing it. Hope you like this outfit as much as me, I"m rocking the sports luxe trend to the max! 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Outfit of the week #60

 photo 43af8bbd-f929-4760-b0f4-26d56d429e0b_zpsf5932a0a.jpg
 photo 9990d578-70a0-4a3e-8e19-351bc57cc310_zps23ee6d0a.jpg
 photo f06eabc2-f90c-4f78-8817-aa73106bc45f_zps54f65396.jpg
 photo d1f6fd1f-291a-4ac4-9983-600b80c946bf_zpsed87b9e1.jpg
 photo 9db533b0-34a4-48a4-b3cd-cba56a807851_zpsce54e738.jpg
Kimono - c/o krispclothing *  //  Top - Asos  //  Jeans & belt - Primark  //  Boots - NewLook  //  Bag - Asos

Yay, I finally have a nice shiny new outfit post for you all in my favouite photo shoot spot having spent the past three weeks showing you my holiday outfits. Feels good! The lovely people at Krisp clothing have been sending me some fab products  to style up and this has to be one of my favourites. Everybody loves a kimono, especially a floral one and what with festival season upon us I can guarantee you readers will be wanting this little number in your backpack. I love this one because it has a gathered bottom so it doesn't flap around and get in your way to much (which is great when you're jumping around, watching bands at a festival right?). I love the floral print and the mix of colours in it are spectacular. I've gone for the more sophisticated ''I want to be at a festival but I'm not'' dressed up look, adding some tan boots and a matching belt, which is such an easy look to wear all the time and still feel ''cool''.
Hope you like


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