Sunday, 20 September 2015

outfit of the week #119

style blogger outfit post breton tshirt converse black jeans and breton tshirt fashion blogger chuck taylors parisian chictshirt - h&m  //  jeans - primark  //  denim jacket - zara  //  converse - c/o get the label *
the sun has decided to play again this weekend so we're making the most of it with some weekend walks. we live in such a beautiful area, lots of fields and awesome views like these. it means i got the chance to wear-in my new converse hi-tops from get the label. every one loves a chuck taylor and white is such versatile colour, so i know these will be worn constantly over the next few chilly weeks. a standard weekend outfit always includes jeans, and of course a breton tshirt right. . . ? this stripy goodness from h&m has a little cheeky Parisian twist as well. i had my hair cut on saturday morning, i asked for a trim and slightly more graduated at the back but she got a little scissor happy so its shorter then I would like. I think she was so preoccupied with her previous client being unhappy that she wasn't concentrating on me, oops! never mind, my hair grows fairly quickly so it won't be long before its the right length for me, and she did give me a free hydrating treatment for having to wait so long. hope you like this casual look, please comment and let me know, i love reading them.


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