Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Nails & lashes

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nail magic - c/o *
a rare beauty post from me today . . . i love having nicely painted nails and am often seen rocking a simple nail art design. but all this nail polish and nail polish remover along with having a pretty hands on job, takes its toll on the health of my nails. i'm blessed to have nails that grow quite long and quite quickly but I go through stages of really brittle and flakey nails too. as you can see from the above pictures i'm going through that kinda stage right now. so i'm trying out this 'nail magic' a hardener and conditioner that hopefully will strengthen my nails over the next few weeks. I'm using it as a base coat and topcoat once / twice a week . . .  so stay tuned to see how well it works for me. 
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jica lash - c/o *
i was also lucky enough to be sent this very interesting natural fibre lash product, designed to add volume and length to your lashes without using any chemicals or damage. as you can see from the above picture it is literally tiny little fibres which you apply over the top of your mascara and then seal with another coat of mascara. i'm always sceptical about products like this especially as i'm not the best at applying any kind of make up. please excuse my brows in the below pictures, in my defence I have a long fringe that usually covers these atrocities but for the purpose of showing you the effects of jica lash I had to unleash the beasts . . . anyway the eye on the left is jica-ed and the right is just mascara. 
 photo db4e2cd4-0ae1-41b2-bfc6-40828ed3d7b0_zps11c25337.jpg

in the pictures you can see that the lash with jica applied (left) does look slightly more fuller and longer and i promise in real life you can really see a difference, I really like the effect and will be continuing to use it on my lashes when i get all dolled up to go out. the only thing i will say is, it can be quite messy, the little fibres drop onto your cheeks quite liberally, so apply the rest of your make up (spesh concealer and foundation under the eyes) after you have done your lashes. My lashes generally are pretty short and flat and i'm not so skilled at applying falsies, so I love the effect and volume this product has created with very little effort, see more in the below pictures. 
 photo e0527459-e173-4fa6-aaab-18c11d6d99f3_zps57fa6cb4.jpg
both lashes have jica applied
check out the jica website to find out more about these products and more, i definitely recommend the lash fibre extensions if your own lashes lack that little oomph you require and like me you can't cope with the faff of falsies. If you fancy purchasing either of these products before May 1st, then you can also use this code NMCO1 at the checkout to receive a free sample of nail magic cuticle oil with your order. 


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