Wednesday, 2 July 2014

DIY rustic wedding Invitations

 photo 3262b428-2a3e-4087-8f7d-54dc99f4d1d9_zps1eeb6b3f.jpg

 photo 0a0ed802-30f9-4285-9dcf-54505ad91e43_zpse13bb172.jpg
 photo 38203fb0-50ed-48b7-a73e-167338f588c1_zps08abd70c.jpg

 photo a352a1b4-74bf-4434-bdff-a336138757de_zps8b8a527a.jpg

and on the inside...

 photo bbbe7b0f-e261-4faa-bf7b-b8814f530b8e_zpsa4b02724.jpg

*Our surnames and the date/place of our wedding has been removed for privacy reasons*
 photo 4edafd46-71d0-4519-9ccb-37177ece91ab_zpsaf7456e9.jpg

As well as the RSVP tags we also popped in a list of nearby hotels for the guests. Hope you like my DIY post, we're making and designing lots of this wedding ourseleves so expect a few more in the lead up to the big day!


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