Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Stripes and waistcoats??

 photo 85d4d6f7-27d2-4bca-adf1-d579bd75012f_zps2db82413.jpg photo bd759bc2-74ed-48ae-a835-8d0e07c571b0_zps5ef6105b.jpg photo 435ca4ed-e05d-4f63-95db-77ad6a256a68_zps5f07f1bb.jpg
 photo 03851e62-ed60-43a1-ab6c-4391150b1b44_zps66582c85.jpg
 photo 92404401-25d7-4034-9d3a-fe575eaa7484_zpscc88588b.jpg
Dress - Hidden Fashion  //  Waistcoat - Zara (old)  //  Bag - ?  //  Shoes - Primark

Hello chicks, I wasn't sure this outfit actually worked together or not but I wore it out anyway. I went bridesmaid shoe and accessory shopping wearing this on Sunday because it was warm but cloudy so I needed some kind of cover up. I don't like getting my legs out when the sun isn't shining and this stripy dress is tight so I felt more confident wearing the vest over it. I love the crochet detailing on the sleeves of this dress, its so pretty. Hope you like this outfit, let me know below....

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