Sunday, 11 January 2015

Outfit of the week #86

 photo 36619319-ce5f-43e5-863c-14fcdab15fd2_zpsb3c7a3eb.jpg photo 04c0317f-37eb-427a-bc7a-8b7b7bec2a68_zpsf95979ac.jpg  photo 2f01cf0c-dff0-4d45-8f66-e93ba911a18b_zps84b69b5b.jpg  photo 4fbe9518-c2b3-4a65-a003-8c41e1dfa614_zpscb101c56.jpg  photo fab20a45-8b6a-41aa-8ec6-2a3f1b977dec_zps5f53cf96.jpg
denim jacket - zara (old)  //  checked shirt (worn underneath) - george@asda  //  tshirt - primark  // jeans - primark  //  hat - primark  //  shoes - h&m (old)

i' am very into my casual outfits at the moment, i think the chilly weather puts me off donning heels and baring flesh. And all the over indulging over christmas leaves us all feeling a little frumpy dumpy  right? So jeans, flats and quirky tshirts are definitely the way forward until March, fact. i've been wearing this top all weekend, yes its Harry Potter but its cool, in the know, Harry Potter and it was only £6 from good old primark, so its a must for all you hp fans. Hope you like this post

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