Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Nail art: Chic triangles

 photo f1028ebb-ee6a-4ca7-b767-0a46152f58aa_zpsfefe62e0.jpg

i always get a lot of insta love for my nail art so i thought i would bite the bullet and re introduce a bit of beauty to my blog and slip in the occasional nail art tutorial. i'm going to start with an easy one that simply requires one nail polish of choice, a fine nail brush and a steady hand, although as you can see, mine aren't the neatest so don't worry if you wobble a bit (they always look better from afar anyway).

 photo e3a1d5f9-7032-4ea1-aae3-256b3fae2e0a_zpsf5e795e6.jpg

firstly choose a colour and on each nail draw a cross with a fine brush. then simply fill in the rest as you would normally paint your nails, taking care to stay within the lines.

 photo d17227b8-21ba-487f-8462-0cb4baa8a44d_zps61036f34.jpg

once dry seal with a top coat and voila simple yet chic and effective nails.
hope you like these kind of posts, would you like to see more?


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