Saturday, 3 January 2015

Volume boost

I'm always trying to find a miracle product to boost my fine, flyaway hair, sadly i don't think there is such a product. Recently i attended an Italian themed party, which meant i got to dress up all fancy like. The original plan was for me and the husband to go as Mario and Luigi... but the other half vetoed this idea... boo sucks to him. So in the end we went as ancient Romans meaning i got to look all grand. So this little can of root boost helped me to create a bouffant of sorts.

 photo 0e926b9c-6c35-4267-8a51-6deac771e107_zpsdc2d5588.jpg
 photo fcf946b2-a71f-4a7f-ad4c-942d3b534c72_zps80dfc653.jpg photo 681b5bb2-44f3-4705-9cb7-1b4401218157_zps13ba71e7.jpg photo 19c3ca04-6943-4798-8a77-6010da7536bb_zpsf433a026.jpg photo e34cf5bc-39da-4cdd-9889-e29cf6544f74_zps6afbfe67.jpg  photo 9373667f-83a1-4082-b939-03dbcae3d918_zps29711c94.jpg
Tigi 'Catwalk' root boost spray - c/o Hairtrade *

Now I'm not great at 'doing' hair by any stretch of the imagination. My signature look is beachy waves/dragged through a bush/never looks how it does before i leave the house. But somehow a little  spray of Tigi catwalk root boost, a dally with some rollers and a dot of back combing I managed to transform the barnet into a creation an actual Roman Empress might be jealous of.

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