Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A style journey....

So its New Years Eve which meant taking a trip back through old blog posts. Its very awkward looking back over this blog and anything before January this year is a bit of a write off in my eyes. I really think i started to properly blog in January 2014 mainly because i braved the elements and got over my fear of not only the husband taking my photos but taking them in public too. I still get annoyed at people watching me but my outfit posts are better for it.

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January, February and March saw me mixing up the prints and dropping in a flash of colour here and there. The first picture was my very first outside photoshoot for the blog and i was so pleased to finally get decent full length photos of my outfit. I tried to mix up the location of my pictures in the second picture but in the end opted for the brick wall, seen in the third picture, for the majority of my photos throughout 2014 and its still a favourite background of mine.

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March, April and May saw me breaking out a lot of pastel colours in my outfits and mastering the 'looking at the floor' blogger pose. This section of the year also saw me working with a lot of brands, which I am so grateful for. Obviously i don't blog just to be sent clothes but its certainly an incentive to keep evolving and making my blog better.

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May, June and  July meant the weather was getting warmer and the arms and legs gradually began to appear. I also got hair extensions making me feel like Rapunzel for a few months. The last outfit was a popular one with Look magazine tweeting it as their 'look of the day'

 photo 9187b558-ae81-44bf-b1d7-51425fe6f10d_zps313dd907.jpg

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The sun was shining and the blogging juices were flowing in July, August and September. All three of these outfits are particular favs of the year. The first image saw me lucky enough to work with French Connection and also a new found love for the denim jacket. The second image was regrammed by boohoo on instagram, making my insta account go crazy and i gained about 300 new followers in the space of an hour. The third outfit was featured on Asos Fashion Finder home page, which i had been hoping to achieve at some point this year.

 photo 09bd97d9-0b76-44f5-9ac0-ca205b077381_zpse1b257f5.jpg

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In September and October i tried to mix up the locations a bit, i particularly like the autumnal feel to the last picture. The autumnal layers started to re-surface with my fav denim and leather jackets making a return. The crossed leg pose also came into its own during the latter part of 2014.

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October and November saw me go from glam to boho to cosy all in at the space of a few weeks. The hair was chopped off and my obsession with tartan and checks really began to blossom. My old favourite the brick wall also made a welcome return to my photos.

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So December brought us a fairly mild couple of weeks but oversized and cozy was still the way to go outfit wise. As you can see checks are well and truly my style choice of 2014 with this trend featuring in almost all of my posts during November and December and quite possibly January 2015 too.

2014 has been a pretty amazing year for me, i got engaged in January, promoted in April, graduated in September and Married in November... how is 2015 ever going to compete with that? In terms of my blog i have loved my year of outdoor location shots and am so pleased that the husband is happy to be my personal photographer. I think my blog has really evolved this year and intend to continue into 2015 with my new improved layout (what do ya think?) and experiment more with photo quality and various locations. Thanks to all my regular readers and their comments, thats why I blog, seeya next year.

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