Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Nail art: Double dots

 photo 3b387446-e132-4453-9c3a-9deaa124cbc9_zpsccb532a4.jpg
Having found a new love for all things Pinterest I've been checking out and pinning lots of fab nail art ideas, which means then creating them myself. I also recently acquired a set of nail art tools from a lovely friend. I always thought I could create nail art deigns just using a steady hand and being imaginative with the brush but turns out dotting tools are amazing and I can't wait to try out lots more designs. I'll be posting them on here every so often too.
 photo 79b4e37e-13fe-4222-8867-91bd245d95b3_zps3821b3a3.jpg  photo a3b97e71-f1eb-46c7-a26e-b7f25a97d675_zps63e94a39.jpg  photo a9d7c774-a3c6-43e1-82ce-a304df44caab_zps26f5ae5e.jpg
So this one is fairly simple but very effective... using a desired colour firstly paint all your nails and patiently wait for them to completely dry.... Next create a line of dots along one side of you nail and another line directly next to it. I liked using two different shades of the same colour for a bit of an ombre effect. Once all dry finish off with a slick of top coat. 

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