Sunday, 8 February 2015

Outfit of the week #90

 photo 0cb2382b-d1a6-4f78-a4f0-92507e0d058a_zps5f0c79c0.jpg  photo cbe17e62-2828-42d9-878b-8d794a28fa00_zpsb9f55cf4.jpg  photo 404797da-f591-4b3e-a5fa-bbbf7273ed79_zpsc288d846.jpg  photo 65b1a687-cd54-4537-98ee-3a43f81f6f4f_zps712a4989.jpg  photo 94bb7f74-a463-49ba-8419-d1512bf11bc1_zpsc23342ce.jpg  photo d7533aa6-db1c-451d-8a30-72395c7da33f_zpsfeaa34ae.jpg
denim jacket - zara  //  jumper - primark  //  jeans - primark  //  trainers - zara

you can't have missed the trainer trend hitting the tail end of the a/w season. adidas favourites, stan smiths, are everywhere on instagram, as are the obligatory new balance. but i can't afford these, we're currently saving hard so new clothes, especially expensive trainers are a definite no *feel sad* so when zara have a sale i hit it hard... welcome my new shoe addition, not only are they my fav colour right now but they were £9.99, yes £9.99, thank you once again zara sale.

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