Wednesday, 11 February 2015

White hi tops

 photo cf2912d0-87bf-4999-9431-76e320a8cb84_zpsb6c8e0cc.jpg  photo 6a3737bd-1896-4be3-9c9c-49b632117bcf_zps729b3c24.jpg  photo c0162fd6-9ab1-42fc-8c0d-d3dc48ef6d13_zps56b6dd3c.jpg  photo 5c1450d3-a713-4d66-8224-9708534dbeac_zps999b6f63.jpg photo 57b9f4ee-d261-4135-aa03-01ca11e6bc41_zps19c96e70.jpg  photo 86ce1d46-a71c-4ba9-b58b-668898589de0_zpsbae710c3.jpg
jacket - new look  //  check shirt - h&m  //  tshirt - primark  //  jeans - primark  //  hi tops - c/o krisp clothing *

i'm all about the trainers this week. . . here i am in another pair, this time white, patent hi tops. they're so bright white you can't really see them in these photos (click on the link above for a better look). you can't really go wrong with an all b&w outfit and the hi tops really set the look off, although this amazing coat does play havoc with your eyesight. i' am forever bored of my hair so have lightened the tips for a very subtle ombre look. i like it but can already see me dying it all really dark brown again in a few weeks time. 

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