Saturday, 28 December 2013

A lazy but lovely christmas....

I'm not usually one to do Instagram posts but I wanted to do a bit of a christmassy post and thought the best way was through my Instagram happenings over the festive period.
Contrary to this posts title we had a very busy Christmas. I cooked my first Christmas dinner for my Mum, Stepdad and Luke (and very nice it was to if I do say so myself). We had eight people squished into our flat for a christmas day tea in the evening. On boxing day we saw the boys family for a second 'xmas day'. We saw more family on Friday and have another family gathering this afternoon annnnndddd we have a French themed party tomorrow evening, phew!

So heres a little taster of the last few days in the lazy2lovely household.

 photo 39ee43a6-e7f2-44de-9a00-131315eb1095_zpsf957dfd9.jpg  photo 59b33d05-617a-40bc-b78e-c34aa9f64d7a_zpscdbf5b61.jpg  photo 195e35b7-5f9e-448c-bcb3-4d082321ac0d_zps59fad164.jpg  photo 50e8e41a-b432-4dfa-84f2-d45f524e19b1_zps91e53775.jpg photo 9e460f03-d18d-483a-bc7f-f11c398e7cdb_zps0ecb8d2c.jpg  photo e20f1b1b-f56e-40e6-ac14-663a38cb60f5_zpsc5f8712d.jpg  photo 805219d1-f3c7-4fb2-9a89-effec08a661c_zps2eece7b6.jpg  photo 91ef413f-39c3-45a7-b8c4-5b378d037da0_zpsceb5bb3d.jpg  photo b792c7f0-8fc2-4908-83f8-84bea87c815e_zpscade90b3.jpg  photo 17780b07-e7c2-4575-8d98-09b60636cff5_zps82b219f1.jpg  photo 7f146604-987b-461f-9a4a-73d0aa852a4e_zpsc06b9db8.jpg  photo 5db7decb-1fc9-4f06-945d-929674b914e3_zpsa0566efb.jpg
Our first real xmas tree  //  yummy Xmas crumpets  //  Me and my Moomin out for her birthday meal  //  Luke and his Bro playing Xmas songs  
Feeling festive at work on Xmas eve  //  Me, Luke and Rob in our xmas jumpers  //  Xmas tree mince pies  //  Fam a lam on xmas day   
The boy carving the turk  //  Boxing day attire  //  Presents!!!!  //  My Xmas present from the boy (necklace).

Hope you all had a great Christmas with your fam and got lots of lovely presents to play with. I'll resume outfit posts on Tuesday with a New Years Eve party look for you all. If you would like to see more Instagram piccys then search lazy2lovely or click the link down below, tah ta for now!


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