Wednesday, 19 February 2014

What I would have worn to LFW

So I didn't get to go to London Fashion Week over the weekend or this week but I've been enjoying all the pictures on twitter, Instagram and blogs! I find LFW a great source of inspiration for future outfits and ignites my need for a shopping trip pronto. One day I will go to wander around outside Somerset house and perhaps spy on some of my favourite bloggers.

On Sunday I pretended I was actually going to LFW and this is what I would have worn had I jumped on a train, instead I did the weekly shop in Tesco and then headed to a 60th birthday celebration (oooo party times)!

 photo 975dac20-f617-48bc-90a9-1481952398d2_zps186da2e1.jpg
 photo 4f7e50f6-534b-4b42-96a2-61ec0da0c48b_zps1de41958.jpg photo bc264b80-0ec9-41ba-9e3d-3fe0cc8396e7_zpsc9ec30ae.jpg photo e4414815-e517-40ef-aafc-ca5c783618d5_zps0d3bf90d.jpgCoat - Tesco  //  Shirt - Primark  //  Crop top (worn over shirt) - Asos  //  Jeans - Primark  //  Chelsea boots - George@Asda  //  Name necklace - H&M  //  Sunglasses - Camden market  

Love a bit of layering at the moment and this is a perfect way to wear a crop top in the winter! How cute is my little name necklace? I found it in H&M and it comes with all the letters of the alphabet so you can have your name of choice, although if you have two of the same letters in your name then sorry you're screwed! P.S. Loving my hair in these pics, hello perfect fringe, you almost never happen!

Hope you like my almost London Fashion Week outfit, let me know your thoughts in my comments.


  1. I like this outfit, it's got a great combo of colours - the yellow and the blue looks lovely! x

  2. This is cute, I haven't thought to layer a crop over a shirt. Going to have to give it a go now :) Thanks for the inspiration.

    Love Vanessa xx

  3. I'm in love with this coat - such beautiful shade of blue!

  4. Love the jacket !

  5. I love the fact you dressed for LFW and then proudly headed to Tesco. I hate having to do a big shop. Haha. Looking awesome..


  6. Such a clever way to wear a crop top in the winter! LFW would have been proud! xx

  7. omg!! this coat is from tesco?!?! is amazing!!!

  8. I like that you would've kept it real, these type of LFW looks were my favourite! That coat with the lime crop? Oh ya.

    Tara xo

  9. I really like the crop jumper over the shirt! Looking lovely :)


  10. The blue coat makes the perfect contrast to your pale beautiful skin ! very nice !

    Mooki - Fashion Cat

  11. I just love the coat and necklace so pretty x

  12. Your hair looks gorgeous! You would have looked like a celebrity at London Fashion Week. Your lipstick and mascara are pretty too. I like the way you layered your outfit. The colour of your Asos crop top is dark enough to draw attention to the pretty collar of your Primark blouse and it complements the blue colour of your Tesco coat. Your name necklace from H&M is very cute.


  13. I'm a sucker for Yellow and Blue! Colour pop coats have been huge at Milan this week! Great post. Lucy xx

  14. The colour of this jacket is brilliant!! Also love the personalised necklace - I want one! Sophie Clare x


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