Sunday, 16 February 2014

Outfit of the week #43

How awful has the weather been...? Luckily I managed to sneak in some outfit shots in-between showers. This is what I wore on valentines day (night) when I cooked a lovely meal for the boy. I don't usually go for tacky heart or lip motifs on clothes but I love this little lip print t-shirt I spied in Primark on a shopping trip I had with my mum on Friday (despite the weather).  

 photo fb980e76-1c85-4744-8c19-09ee5cf49595_zps413f5c42.jpg
 photo 9af760c4-6344-4009-8129-67a04b58d41c_zps9d3a6287.jpg
 photo 8652857e-5f8a-4367-9d13-8ae725e4f4fa_zps64de217f.jpg
 photo 34d74884-efa7-44ff-83b7-c360d0f0f8bf_zps9e11cc7d.jpg  photo c5f613d7-1df2-4e25-8fd5-ef2c01e4aa48_zps74a8f255.jpg
Everything from Primark (even the tights) #sorrynotsorry

I love the texture on this t-shirt. Its actually a crop top but it looks much better tucked into the leather look skirt. I adore the cute loafers and have been after a smart but easily wearable pair for a while and Primark have come up trumps again. I love the bag too but its quite thin so you can't really fill it up much and you can't go wrong with a silver spike necklace can you.

My week off is finished now, waaaaa! But I managed to make all my wedding invites, trial some paper flowers perhaps for the tables and even baked scones (yum) and cake pops, but I dropped these on the floor before they were dry (not so yum). I had a great shop with Mum and brought most of Primark (see above) and I've booked some wedding dress appointments the first of which is on Saturday, eek! So I definitely made the most of my time off.


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  1. I adore that skirt! The whole ensemble looks lovely. :) Glad you had a good week off. :)

  2. so cute!!

  3. Lovely outfit - the jacket is really nice! :)

  4. Love your outfit, the top is so cute, might have to go hunting around Primark for that one!

    Sophs x


  5. love this top,absolutely adorable!!!!

  6. Amazing blogg<3 I would be so happy if you could follow me back on GFC ღ Keep blogging! xxpeach

  7. Perfect V-Day outfit! Glad you had a good week off, I always say I'm going to do so much on my holiday but I basically just stay in and watch Jeremy Kyle haha xxx

  8. I nearly bought this bag last time I was in town... wish I had now! x

  9. I always love your outfits, especially your bags! That one is no exception and that skirt is sweet!

  10. Love your outfit - you look fab!
    Glad you had a productive week! :)

  11. I love the t shirt and the loafers. You can't go wrong with Primark loafers, I've got a few pairs now which I wear ever day to work, they're so comfy. Enjoy shopping for your wedding dress.

    Claire x

  12. I am never sorry to have a head to toe Primark outfit
    That top is amazing!

    Harriet x

  13. Tasja: I'd love to wear this match to school! No matter what the weather's like xP

  14. Ohhh really lovely outfit! I think the jacket and the shoes are my personal favourite! The leather skirt looks such great quality! I can't believe it is Primark! Now following you on Bloglovin' too!

    Rose | Juxta-Rose


  15. Love your skirt :) so pretty

    Ruth x


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