Sunday, 30 March 2014

Outfit of the week #49

 photo c51661e8-65de-452c-9658-c23e9972c2c5_zpse69f9fe7.jpg
 photo cac14462-8f15-45a7-b5b5-3ffbe9dd6014_zpsb552a20c.jpg
 photo 716de17c-fc54-4d2d-a205-91e7496f4176_zpsb80ba688.jpg
 photo 8f431b4c-8c95-4924-9cf4-a3c806763b04_zpsd4558b1d.jpg
Jumper - F&F At Tesco  //  Trousers - H&M  //  Bag - New Look via Asos  //  Loafers - Primark  //  Necklace  - H&M 

Hey kids, a very cutesy outfit of the week today. I wore this out last night, although with heels not these loafers. I think it might be my new favourite look, even though the boy said I looked like a pink sheep. I love these trousers, the print is amazing and actually has a subtle pink in the pattern, which you can't see, so they go perfectly with this amazing cropped fluff ball of a jumper which leapt into my Tesco shopping trolley last Saturday!!

I've had a busy week at work this week and actually got a promotion to assistant manager, which is good but a little daunting. But a pay rise is always appreciated what with the wedding day looming! It'll be another busy week this week and I have a presentation on Thursday for uni which I'm already scared about . Head back here on Wednesday for a nice spring wishlist post (becoming obsessed with pastels again). 


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