Sunday, 13 April 2014

Outfit of the week #51

 photo 9b3a33d0-a6b9-4e8f-89c7-440d498a2f65_zpsb2a816ff.jpg
 photo 530726bf-a0df-4678-9cb6-fe3dec6bf8e1_zps7426e018.jpg
 photo 57b2878b-f3e0-4859-8572-a208500291b5_zps432b59bd.jpg
 photo 52a71597-2392-4055-939e-26b1605e1e01_zpsa7f2ddbf.jpg
 photo c6ae3da5-b4e6-45dc-aa8d-9f8978aa5321_zpsa328c6c8.jpg
Top - ?  //  Trousers - H&M  //  Clutch - Primark  //  Shoes - Asos

I've been in Leicester this weekend visiting some friends, eating Italian and hopefully (as I write this pre road trip) drinking some cocktails. This is what I wanted to wear but chickened out and ended up wearing a LBD and boots. I love these chunky white shoes (from my last wish list post) but I predict that they won't stay this white for long and I guess bad blisters will ensue but heck I'll suffer the pain for these bad boys. This bag is the cutest right? I'm so on the pastel trend this year. I didn't really embrace it last spring so this year I'm going full pastel pelt and loving life. Hope you like this cute outfit, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 


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