Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Holiday Outfit #1

 photo 90ee76c7-b387-4735-bbe8-c6d1d2e4f2da_zps62f24e57.jpg
 photo ec428432-6446-4511-bbfd-ac8bb3ed6d82_zps13c4a6ae.jpg
 photo e3e6390c-cb0f-4872-b2b8-55e235e8356a_zps5f47c023.jpg
 photo dd442f66-cffa-47ee-a13e-6afc8caa6d4a_zps8b2f9e16.jpg
Playsuit - Primark  //  Belt and sunglasses - Primark  //  Bag - ?  //  Sandals - Tu at Sainsbury's  //  Hat - H&M

So I've had my summer holiday and am now back to the daily grind of work - home - eat - sleep and then work again... exciting life one leads. I loved all my holiday outfits and really want to show you them so the next few posts will be sunny and holidayed up. I'll post them every couple of days and then get back to my normal twice weekly posts. This amazing Guns n Roses playsuit was a last minute buy the day before we left, one can never have enough playsuits and I couldn't leave this behind what with GNR being the ultimate summer rock band (cue car windows down and paradise city blaring out).  I enjoy a summer hat but you can't lay down and sunbathe with one on which makes for awkward balanced on the head/forehead and proceeding wind blowing it off across the beach moments...  

Let me know you thoughts below

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