Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Summer party outfit

 photo 7f51ce1e-5d29-4ed6-a7a3-8f02a48d0ae7_zps243cecc6.jpg
 photo b4c4f4e4-b21e-45a1-9f05-5968e37f4ecb_zps6b395976.jpg photo cbc5c7d8-ef62-401e-b54b-8eae5c6a88a9_zps181e5423.jpg
Top - Asos  //  Skirt - c/o Sugarhill boutique*  //  Shoes - c/o shelikes*  //  Bag - eBay  //  Necklace - c/o glitzysecrets* 

The lovely ladies at glitzy secrets challenged me to create a summer party outfit based around one of their lovely crystal necklaces and this is what I came up with. Being a summer party I wanted something floaty and went with my lovely pleated midi skirt. I'm so in love with this tshirt at the moment, (how true is this slogan? Yet also very not true) so couldn't not add it into the mix and I think the casual tshirt alongside the glitzy necklace is a perfect combo. Now someone invite me to a summer party please!


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