Sunday, 24 August 2014

Outfit of the week #67

 photo 436cfe5e-cb9d-4d05-bfda-5c0acf2ba72e_zps7fa4dec9.jpg
 photo 06be2f02-b81a-4666-8356-367cf2463c49_zpsf3e56aec.jpg
 photo f8b341df-0df6-4005-a923-25b4678692b9_zpsc67ca10e.jpg
 photo ced038e9-223b-48a5-b280-f3861e79e3dc_zps397c34c7.jpg
Cardigan - Wearall  //  Top - Primark  //  Jeans - Primark  //  Shoes - Matalan  //  Bag - New Look via asos

This outfit got a lot of love when I posted a mirror selfie on my Instagram page last weekend, so I hope this blog post will get the same reaction. I definitely need to get myself some more breton inspired tops. They look so smart with everything, you soooo can't go wrong with a good stripy garment. Jeans have to be the one thing I hate shopping for but Primark have been my saviour recently. I have this pair and a black pair that I wear constantly and you know what for £10 they're pretty darn good... in fact I would say the best jeans I've ever had. They fit me perfectly and look really flattering. Obviously every girl is different but I strongly recommend trying them out if your struggling to find the perfect jean. *FYI - I added the holes on the knees myself*. Do comment and let me know you thoughts on this outfit, I love reading them.

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