Sunday, 24 August 2014

Outfit of the week #67

 photo 436cfe5e-cb9d-4d05-bfda-5c0acf2ba72e_zps7fa4dec9.jpg
 photo 06be2f02-b81a-4666-8356-367cf2463c49_zpsf3e56aec.jpg
 photo f8b341df-0df6-4005-a923-25b4678692b9_zpsc67ca10e.jpg
 photo ced038e9-223b-48a5-b280-f3861e79e3dc_zps397c34c7.jpg
Cardigan - Wearall  //  Top - Primark  //  Jeans - Primark  //  Shoes - Matalan  //  Bag - New Look via asos

This outfit got a lot of love when I posted a mirror selfie on my Instagram page last weekend, so I hope this blog post will get the same reaction. I definitely need to get myself some more breton inspired tops. They look so smart with everything, you soooo can't go wrong with a good stripy garment. Jeans have to be the one thing I hate shopping for but Primark have been my saviour recently. I have this pair and a black pair that I wear constantly and you know what for £10 they're pretty darn good... in fact I would say the best jeans I've ever had. They fit me perfectly and look really flattering. Obviously every girl is different but I strongly recommend trying them out if your struggling to find the perfect jean. *FYI - I added the holes on the knees myself*. Do comment and let me know you thoughts on this outfit, I love reading them.


  1. Ahh I love this look - those shoes are amazing! I also feel the same about breton tees - need to get some more! They add a chic feel to everything you put them with. x
    Julia in Disguise| UK Fashion Blog

  2. Love the look ! Especially the bag !


  3. Cannot believe these jeans are primark - they are gorgeous! Need to go and track them down!


  4. love this simple little outfit, xxx

  5. YAYYY you look gorgeous, and snap for the bag it is my favourite rucksack to use at the moment. I love those jeans they are HOT and you are looking beautiful xxx

    Blonde of Carbs

  6. Ah I was thinking the same about stripes the other day, I NEED MORE!
    And I've heard primark do a good contender for the topshop Leigh jeans, I may have to give them a go


  7. Oh my god your shoes Kylie - so beautiful!! I haven't tried Primark jeans in years but I really need some new ones so I think I'll need to go have a look! xx

  8. Love this outfit, so simple but gorgeous!

  9. Stripes are my thing - you can't not love them! Loving the sandals as well xxx

    Blog This With Hannah

  10. Such a lovely casual yet chic look! I'm obsessed with super long jackets also your bag is gorgeouss!xo

  11. I really need to get my hands on some Primark jeans, they are such good value for money. Love this!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  12. Classic and gorgeous outfit, love it! x

  13. This is a perfect and easy look! Love the stripes, the shoes omg... xx

  14. Loving the look and blog! You go girl. X

    Brook |


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