Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Hybrid fashion

 photo 512ef3ec-8df0-4d92-a361-592dd024eab1_zps5251b2a0.jpg  photo 11c422f8-069e-4775-8bce-9005b760d018_zpse31bb6e6.jpg photo 9ccadc9e-4bb4-4bc9-b954-5d3ce4a573ae_zps1be5d569.jpg  photo d4bdcba6-5158-43b1-8510-d3e6613198c4_zps108c0e63.jpg  photo f416e8dc-1be8-4b26-8857-bea7a55c2c4a_zps2682137b.jpg
Dress - c/o Hybrid *  //  Shoes - fashion union  //  Clutch - eBay 

Check me out in a nice posh dress. Isn't it gorgeous? A lovely vibrant magenta colour, it fits like a glove and the structured shoulders and pleats make it so flattering. I feel amazing in it but have nowhere to wear it... someone needs to invite me to a wedding or a posh ball or something! Hybrid have fantastic dresses on their site, they're expensive but I can truly say they are quality dresses for that posh event you might have.

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