Sunday, 16 November 2014

Outfit of the week #78

 photo b3c7de96-0f24-45eb-a9fb-39c09d734dab_zpsa4145850.jpg  photo b4506194-53fe-4a87-8e3b-8cc2f0473876_zps1736e4ce.jpg  photo 4a01d6a9-ee34-4c7d-96aa-6e66f5dddfc1_zps56abaded.jpg  photo 12f870b5-62c3-4c3e-8d6d-27d21db4969c_zps03c2d4e0.jpg  photo 10924e68-b33a-4c76-ba47-c0a43b346e86_zpsb72aa03c.jpg
Jeans - Primark  //  Jacket - Primark  //  Jumper - Primark  (all old purchases) //  Scarf - Primark  //  Boots - George @ Asda  //  Bag - Asos  //  Necklace - Everours

Ooo I'm so excited for scarf season again, I think a good coat and scarf is what makes an outfit really stand out in the autumn/winter months. A long scarf like this one is also my best friend as it can be worn so casually like this or wrapped around to create a whole different look. I still love love love cobalt blue, such a great colour against the other fairly dab colour palette of this ensemble. 

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