Sunday, 25 January 2015

Outfit of the week #88

 photo 5a72d313-2393-4edb-9f0b-857d23b0775f_zps240ccdb2.jpg  photo 39600a5c-cabb-486d-9eba-f58f69133b0b_zps7e669184.jpg  photo 86af57f6-bb83-466c-830a-e9ce335724c6_zpsbcabb4f7.jpg  photo b4d93318-e9ab-41d0-887a-4e03dc88bc10_zps8cbfdb3d.jpg  photo 84906386-8acc-4b73-b683-c05e99d8271b_zpse68326d3.jpg
scarf - primark  //  coat - f&f at tesco (old)  //  jeans - primark  //  boots - george@asda 

this crazy cold weather has got me covered from head to toe this week, literally my face and hands are the only skin on show in these pictures and if it was possible for a balaclava to look chic it would have been worn. the only reason i'm not wearing a bobble hat is because i actually liked my hair this weekend... i've been hating on my hair for a couple of weeks, it needs a trim and this weather has been making it all frizzy, dry and static so I booked me an appointment for next week and guess what, the hair decides to play ball and has actually looked decent all weekend, typical. i can't express my love for cobalt blue and houndstooth, such a great combo. hope you like.


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