Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Suiting up

 photo a7fe6c41-1a26-4043-88dc-0a873d853cc9_zpsf40bf9c9.jpg  photo 225c60d6-43cf-41d4-a0d5-1bccac417e9a_zps8ffe711d.jpg  photo b77342e7-6db3-4036-b7f6-766331b4cc90_zpse2b42ef6.jpg  photo 1d4844a2-8ef3-4c7c-bb36-4878aed6a79d_zpsd839c2bb.jpg  photo 56a02908-2fdd-43af-be5d-2339adae80c2_zpsb7063a7e.jpg  photo a5b0dced-c76c-40ca-a749-0e8b30b4f2a2_zps4e7866a2.jpg
jacket - ebay  //  tshirt - primark  //  trousers - primark  //  Shoes - primark  //  clutch - amazon

in love with this kind of androgynous look at the moment. i've always liked the women in a suit look but have always thought heels were the way to go but actually pairing this with my little metallic pumps is now a fav combo. believe it or not this cute little fleece clutch is in fact my mac book carry case but i liked it so much its now become my perfect casual clutch. these trousers are the perfect black trousers, the cropped length is perf and they're a perfect fit... primark kills it again!

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