Sunday, 8 March 2015

outfit of the week #94

 photo ca0d3e2a-40a1-404e-9686-0eb8e217e297_zpsyk9qi7bz.jpg
 photo d815f91e-c8ad-47ce-aa44-75cba81303f7_zpsqtavlbt6.jpg photo 5ebe3508-0f77-43a2-be4d-b91fabec29f2_zpsqoz2lrhp.jpg  photo 0536eda0-3d30-40f0-9672-0f22f1a419e3_zpsinva2nvh.jpg
denim jacket - zara  //  tshirt - primark  //  necklace - h&m  //  jeans - primark  //  ankle boots - c/o hiddenfasion *  //  bag - zara  

as much as we all like to dress up in heels and dresses you really can't beat a good old jeans and ankle boots combo. . . heck you can always jazz it up with a statement necklace and a neon bag! what makes this outfit all the more amazing is these boots are a mere £5, hidden fashion is a fabulous place full of £5 wonders that are honestly good quality, these little babies are not only gorgeous but fleece lined i tells ya, cosy! i seriously don't know what i did when i didn't own this denim jacket. i love all of its oversized goodness and if i ever have an outfit where i'm just not sure what coat looks best, this denim jacket always pulls through for me. p.s it windy when we took these photos.


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