Sunday, 22 March 2015

outfit of the week #95

so apparently i can't live without internet for any length of time. for the last couple of weeks we've been moving house and currently have no wifi (it's coming Tuesday we hope) and i've been absolutely desperate to log on and get an internet fix so i'm currently propped up in a local cafe stealing their internet for an hour to two. It's amazing how not being active on the blog/instagram/twitter leaves you feeling a little lost and it has a massive impact on the unfollows, which makes me sad.

any way while feeling very hipster sat by the window with my flat white, blogging, i bring you another outfit post. its been a while and its not the most exciting of outfits but it's a necessary casual look and a staple of mine during the transition between winter to spring. hope you like it and all being well i'll be back with another outfit on Wednesday (Come on BT deliver me the wifi).

 photo cd738a57-4b23-415c-bc54-f3b6deef14d3_zpsnjfxebdb.jpg  photo ab04dea4-58aa-468d-bf18-bd831c0a34e5_zpsfl1vvwsg.jpg  photo 14fedadf-bd94-4a9e-b706-1b8de715d5ee_zpsvr8uf4tk.jpg  photo 517895be-ab8d-4d27-96e2-15b1cb71c018_zpsva65tju3.jpg  photo 1b5fde39-a558-4a7c-8428-9b08d55f1ece_zpsembu4bwp.jpg  photo b97c5b28-5ba1-466a-a514-45f9325a74ae_zpsvpceupzw.jpg
coat - new look  //  jeans - primark  //  jumper - c/o blue vanilla *  //  bag - primark  //  trainers - c/o krisp clothing *

i really do love these little hi tops, although not loving the mud stains on the toes already, the perils of bright white trainers eh! so with the new move has meant a new blog photo background, luckily we have an amazing church right opposite us now so plenty of opportunity for some fab backgrounds,  stay tuned for more.


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