Sunday, 29 March 2015

outfit of the week #96 - pinstripes and moccasins

 photo d7bcc9ac-08ba-4995-9d16-031c5b805a47_zpsqhl94rpa.jpg  photo afa8f26d-e788-468a-9ce3-aef69debd035_zpsuqo3xpzw.jpg  photo f04af581-0422-401d-af02-154a6a1713be_zpsxjfxa1re.jpg  photo f99134dd-f8fe-4252-a448-a7b1e763df18_zps9ytkqyfg.jpg photo 8506873c-e6d0-4e17-84dd-27fefb873ebf_zpsnudmnsvz.jpg  photo f6bb83b1-0ffb-4a81-97a7-6e9da3f88fa6_zpsuqlo6to0.jpg  photo 178d51fc-a689-4afa-8afc-1a982dbc0b94_zpspzrsu4zk.jpg
jumper - primark  //  trousers - primark  //  bag - primark  // shoe - c/o shoezone *  //  chain necklace - h&m (old)

i am writing this post as i am trapped in the new flat. yep actually trapped. the husband went off to work early this morning and double locked the door from the outside and now I can't open the door (you can't lock/unlock from the inside, its an old school chain thingy). i have to admit i'm alittle distressed about the whole issue. . . but only because i had planned a shopping trip and now i can't go.

anyway as I have the time I thought I would write up this post. i wore this outfit to a friends gig last sunday. how cute are these platformed moccasins from shoezone. i love them, i love the colour, i love the shininess, i love that they are slip ons and i love the little bit of extra height they give me, to darn cute. i think they go perfectly with my little pinstripe jumper and smart black cropped trews. this outfit is a bargainers delight, shoezone shoes and the rest is primark, perf! p.s loving my hair in these pics, why can't it always look like this? right now i'm off to . . . well wait for luke to get home so i can leave the house. . . 


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