Sunday, 24 May 2015

outfit of the week #104

fedora, black jeans
casual rockstar stylePixies tshirtround sunglasses black jeans and band tee fedora, fringe leather jacket rockstar outfit hat - primark  //  jacket - primark  //  jeans - Primark  //  boots - c/o hiddenfashion *  //  tshirt - gift  //  sunglasses - camden market  

luke and i went wandering round windsor on tuesday, we had a lovely day, despite a few rain showers but a yummy brunch at 'bills' made it all ok... any kind of brunch is going to make life more positive right? apparently my outfit is slightly russell brand inspired, which i'm fine with, love a bit of russell. a nice pair of black jeans, a band tee and a leather jacket is the best kind of outfit some days and this was one of those days. i was afraid i'd look a bit ragged and windswept in these pictures as we were walking back to the car after three rain showers and winds, but I'm pleasantly surprised about the neatness of my hair, it didn't feel that tame at the time of photo posing, the expression 'bedraggled' comes to mind. we found some awesome backdrops on our stroll so did get a bit snap happy i'm afraid. how awesome are these sunglasses? i must go back to camden market soon and pick up some more bargain accessories, i always find great sunglasses and jewellery there. i do hope i'm not wearing ankle boots for much longer this year but theres no denying that these £5 babies are excellent, love the buckle detailing and they're fleece lined too, mmmmm cosy.


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