Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Jumpsuit loving... ft Krisp!

 photo 6a9831dd-9e45-4f41-a0fe-30974fd14867_zps0556664e.jpg
 photo 70c83de9-3b11-4067-ab27-8a088d3f2c02_zps2092a4ce.jpg
 photo 550dbfba-4375-4f6d-bce2-5755b8bc4e86_zpsac6a6be2.jpg
 photo 42951b2c-9dee-4281-b996-300a13761f58_zpsb1ccceb6.jpg
Jacket - Primark  //  Jumpsuit - c/o Krisp *  //  Shoes - H&M  //  Rings (L-R) Boots, Claires, c/o charmedivy *,  H&M

I really love a jumpsuit! Theres just something so smart and polished about them. Especially this posh one from Krisp it almost looks like a two piece. I'm a definite hands in pockets gal so I love that feature. I think it looks great with my all time fav tasselled pleather jacket and its perf with my bargain £7 sale nude shoes from H&M. They are a size smaller then my usual so my feet are a little squished but I couldn't leave them in the shop at £7 could I.....?

Hope you like

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