Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Holiday Outfit #7

 photo 87eddf18-c467-4e1e-9994-4046a3abdc52_zpsffd0cf7f.jpg
 photo 149671fe-5e7c-4450-a5bc-a395fff4b209_zpsb69a23c9.jpg
 photo 8cbda44c-36b0-40aa-8a1a-b017a73f2622_zps4aa4755f.jpg
 photo db49aff9-9ed2-476e-ba5f-8e8744e0a2d3_zpsee37c275.jpg
 photo c103c073-a6d6-4e16-8011-0245f89b02b2_zpsd5ef57af.jpg
Top - Select  //  Shorts - Zara  //  Sandals - Primark  //  Necklace - Primark  //  Bag - ?

I found these cute Zara shorts on the sale rail a while ago and have been dying to wear them. I love the whole chic tailored look at the moment and this box crop top goes perfectly with these smart stripy high waisted shorts. I definitely love a pocket as well, I've forever got my hands in my pockets and if an outfit doesn't have them I feel a little lost! I'm starting to enjoy my hair being straight lately. I went through a stage of forever having wavy hair because I felt straight just didn't look right on me but I've been embracing it over the last couple of weeks. 
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