Sunday, 1 June 2014

Outfit of the week #58

 photo f7f1c9a2-7007-49a1-b440-f588c0891c50_zps722fe279.jpg
 photo 6ecc61b5-c25c-4433-8b9b-5469731bbceb_zpse0824ca9.jpg
 photo bcc94850-08a4-4a7a-9252-8bfbffc2b78f_zps13473433.jpg
Dress - River Island via Asos  //  Satchel - ?  //  Sandals - Tu at Sainsbury's 

Not that I'm one to brag but I'm going on holiday today, yayyyyy! Off to sunny (hopefully) Portugal for a week of relaxing after a stressful week trying to submit my final uni assignment... suffice to say it didn't work because the tutor hasn't sorted out the submission point properly and I'm having to take my laptop on holiday with me so I can try and submit it again... very annoying! But never mind at least I can do it in the sun. I wore this dress yesterday to do a little last minute holiday shopping. The sun showed itself for a tiny tot bit so I thought I would show a glimpse of leg. This dress is just amazing the detailing is gorgeous and I love the sheer sleeves. I feel a touch banana like in it though. 
I have a couple of posts scheduled while I'm away so don't forget to check them out. And I'll have a weeks worth of holiday outfit pics to show you all when I return to what I hope will be a sunnier England. 


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