Wednesday, 30 July 2014

denim and floral

 photo 7a558db5-0fa2-4047-a406-1d60ad10c012_zps5d2883e9.jpg
 photo a5b0b147-84f8-421c-9ba8-7f66987b5936_zps8a3dbaf3.jpg
 photo b2dee6ea-aac1-4854-8f7c-3e4a93d932d2_zps9f17140d.jpg
 photo 471416c3-9140-4a1a-836b-ba38310c8087_zps6ab95dea.jpg
Jacket - Zara  // Dress - HiddenFashion  //  Bag - Asos  // Shoes - George@Asda 

Loving a casual look at the moment and this denim jacket does just the right job. Chuck it on over any dress and you instantly have a casual yet cool look. I've had this dress a little while, it was actually a competition win but I haven't worn it a lot because I wasn't sure about the colours, but actually since the sun has been shining I've worn it a couple of times and am now in love with the bright red, white and blue shades and I love the drop waist detail. Apologies for the washed out photos, bright sun problems and I haven't had any time to retake pictures lately. 


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