Sunday, 27 July 2014

Outfit of the week #63

 photo 5101009d-294a-4b09-9aa8-214fa5d16418_zps6e6906cf.jpg
 photo 6588d8a7-c811-49cd-a318-a5a85481e266_zpsb3e16d88.jpg
 photo b987e28c-8a1d-478d-8b4a-a5d2848b0827_zpsd3fb0bbd.jpg
 photo deb7d712-803d-49a8-bda0-81886fb43ab1_zps75bb73cc.jpg
Jumper - George@asda  //  Jeans - Fashion Union  //  Sandals - George@asda (not online) //  Bag - George@asda  //  Belt - Primark 

Had some more sunlight trouble with these pictures, but you can see the clothes so I guess thats the point really. This whole outfit, albeit the jeans, is from Asda. I went food shopping a couple of weeks back and ended up spending more on clothes than food (shopaholic problems). They had some fab pieces in and even though I spent a lot, the clothes are all good prices individually. Love Love Love these sandals, they go with everything and just make every outfit look a little cuter. As does this mouse bag... adorable right? I'm still wearing my high waisted jeans with everything and they go perfectly with this gorgeous yellow cropped jumper, the colour is fab (these pictures really don't do it justice) and the sleeves are so flattering. Definitely one of my favourite outfits recently.

I found out on Thursday that I officially have a Ba (hons) in Early Years Practice and Development and managed to get myself a 2:1. I was so pleased to finally receive the results and shocked as I was convinced (and happy) to get a 2:2. So pleased its all over, its been a hard 3 years working full time, studying and blogging.... but its done and I'm really looking forward to graduation in September.

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