Sunday, 31 August 2014

Outfit of the week #68

 photo 46ab77f5-bae3-4eb1-8648-42b0621e3464_zps6eb2f3e0.jpg
 photo 3db0b920-a1c1-43f0-a58c-2417827b65c3_zps65935a62.jpg
 photo 910d2d60-909f-4d51-9a82-ea4a58db349b_zps549718ce.jpg
 photo 714bb63b-2840-4aa6-9be4-4c91888f7754_zpsa4113b1a.jpg
 photo a79753f9-e058-43e7-a79f-9243e5317ee4_zps675f1a37.jpg
Jacket - New Look  //  Everything else is Primark (tehe)!

A very causal outfit today but I couldn't wait to get this lovely monochrome duster coat into some outfit shots. I wore this get up yesterday for a very exciting day of nothing... literally I was sitting on the sofa all day until I went to the supermarket, food shopping in the evening...what fun weekends I have. Actually tomorrow may be more exciting.. we're heading out to buy wedding bits and bobs such as crafty bits and possibly the rings too, fun fun!! This bag has also not really left my side since I brought it last saturday, I just love the colour and the size and it goes great with this monochrome look. 
Hope you like, let me know in the usual way down below.

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