Sunday, 7 September 2014

Outfit of the week #69

 photo f60aa9f3-e2b4-4363-a870-af60c1495396_zpsd278af29.jpg
 photo 5d74a931-3282-4cca-ba4a-6c32adc6b7f0_zps052a4be7.jpg
 photo eb46506f-9ee1-4c51-a608-ad5be8f334bb_zpse37b4244.jpg
 photo 2136e722-10fd-4d6e-8ab7-7704dc97bd2e_zpsfb759796.jpg
Jacket  - New Look  //  Dress - New Look  //  Clutch - Ebay  //  Shoes - Deichmann  //  Necklace - Miss Selfridge

So last night was fun! My work had a big 10 years of opening celebration so the fizz was flowing, the music was pumping and now my legs are aching and my toes are blistered... damn you peep toe shoes. It was a fabulous night and I even won an award for the 'best role model'. This is what I wore, after many a shopping trip trying to find a nice dress I ended up wearing an old one. Nice dresses are nowhere to be found at the moment because the shops are all about the winter woolies and coats. I was happy with this ensemble though as i'm loving this jacket so much and I think the gold statement necklace looks great with the lime shift dress. The only trouble with this dress is it is quite short and i'm pretty sure I flashed my knickers.. a lot... when pulling my moves on the dance floor. This week is full of celebrations, I graduate on Thursday.... oooo exciting! I have two potential outfits... quick question to those who have already graduated.... is it best to wear a high front dress rather then a low one so you can safety pin the gown thingy to your dress?

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