Wednesday, 8 April 2015

where's the rum?

feeling a little jack sparrow in this get up, hence the title. yep it's more seventies inspired fashion from me (i just can't get enough). the husband and i went to a food festival on good friday and we got so many comments, from being called 'obvious musicians' to 'you're rocking the hippy headband therefore must like chilli sauce' (eh?). so i would say if you want to stand out and feel insanely cool then get yourself to h&m and grab one of these headbands. although I have to say I think the jacket helped too, bladdy love this jacket from another8.

 photo 01349c13-51fc-4008-a49e-f4797d73ada0_zpswuyj52gq.jpg  photo dab041ec-0e01-4b2a-a11d-6a8eecbb44c0_zpsddoguyv0.jpg photo 810d3704-b683-4438-ae36-f7a8507d07b4_zpsobnrxaqp.jpg  photo 4c9cbc7e-b3b4-40de-ad43-9dde1fdd0add_zpsnnnuwxia.jpg photo d251709d-3fee-4d69-a153-e5236cb5ad71_zpsnjjhz2ry.jpg  photo 714e043f-52ab-4306-9421-d662dfcfdeb4_zpsvhskmbpg.jpg
headband - h&m  //  shirt - new look  //  jeans - primark  //  bag - primark (old)  //  jacket - c/o another8 *  // boots - c/o hidden fashion *

its my birthday tomorrow so we have a couple of days off work, its nice to have a four day weekend again. we're heading into london on saturday to see the Book of Mormon show, and then perhaps a cocktail or two in covent garden. hope the weather stays nice for us, wandering around london in the rain is never fun!!!


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