Wednesday, 13 May 2015

cape vibes

yep i'm in the ripped denims again. . . i can't help it, i just love 'em. i should probably get some new ones. i was actually brave and wore my fedora around tescos on saturday, (the glamorous life of me huh)! i got the odd stare here and there not as bad as i had anticipated. a simple grey marl tee and jeans is the best kind of outfit sometimes, good old primark giving the basics and would you believe the cape is george at asda! highstreet fashion is the best.

boho cape and fedora fedora hat fedora cape vibes primark sunglasses cape - george at asda  //  tshirt - primark  //  jeans - primark  //  shoes - matalan  (old)  //  sunglasses & fedora - primark  //  necklace - new look 

definitely excited to start wearing sunglasses again, how cool are these basic clubmaster dupes from, yep you guessed it, primark? they have a cool tortoise shell frame and gold accents, probably my perfect style and shape of glasses ever . . . although aviators are still hot! i've been loving my hair in the last few outfit posts but I'm getting a bored again, i think i want to go really dark brown and try a bit of a shorter bob, perhaps a graduated, slightly longer at the front look, what do you guys think? 


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