Sunday, 16 August 2015

outfit of the week #114

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lob hairstyle , tribal necklace IMG_8786 wooden watch ootd outfiit post black culottes, white tshirt, snakeskin sandals
cardigan - select  //  top - select  //  culottes - primark  //  sandals - primark  //  sunglasses - primark  //   necklace - new look  //  watch - c/o jord wooden watches *

a nice casual look today, something i wore to pop into town yesterday, where it was decidedly colder then it looked, please don't let the summer be over yet!! i don't wear these culottes much because they crease so darn easy, but I do love the culotte look, i think i need to invest in a pair of non crease ones, a girl gotta sit right? i wanted to show you the outfit i wore on friday night  for a celebratory meal but the weather was hideous so outfit pictures were a no no. the hubs and i have been together for 13 years so we went to pizza express (love that place) to gorge on olives and too many carbs. we were planning on hitting the pubs to but ended up coming home and watching 'the IT crowd' . . . married life huh! we celebrate our first wedding anniversary in a couple of months as well so more italian food we be consumed then no doubt.
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