Wednesday, 19 August 2015

the stripy maxi dress

straw hat and maxi dress
ootd, style blogger denim jacket, stripy maxi dress, red converse straw hat straw hat and chocker necklace stripy maxi dress maxi - c/o blue vanilla *  //  denim jacket - zara  //  straw hat - primark  //  trainers - primark  //  choker - asos  
maxi dresses aren't usually my thang. . . i love maxi skirts and i like other people in maxi dresses but i always feel a bit awkward in them, and I never ever know what shoes to wear. i like this one i really do, stripes are always good and its a flattering cut, i feel ok when I hold it up (see second and third picture) but as soon as i let it drop (see last picture) I just feel weird and column like . . . am I the only one who has this maxi dress 'column' phobia? i think its the shoe issue that puts me off the most, i love floating around the house in a maxi, epescially this one, but as soon as i add shoes to the equation it just feels all kinds of wrong. i think i need to live next to/on a beach so i don't need to wear shoes. on the plus side i always love the opportunity to wear my straw hat!


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