Sunday, 16 March 2014

Outfit of the week #47

 photo 7a9194c2-18de-4299-97e9-f6435ed7cf7e_zps2c9a84f6.jpg photo c60a08de-04f2-401f-b7bc-8cbd99755678_zpsb6249252.jpg
 photo f41a94e1-1560-42a5-b08c-86a259d56b85_zps9817c73f.jpg
 photo 9529470e-7f86-4b56-a961-a246d11398cb_zps530e8a0a.jpg

Casual outfit for you all today. This is something I wore all of last weekend for pure comfort. I went on a course for work and then slobbed about at home so I didn't need to dress up. But I think the fact the leggings are shiny makes it seem like I made a bit of an effort. As the sun was shining I was able to put the winter trainers/boots away for a bit and wear my new slips ons. I know every blogger and her dog has jumped on the cute slip on trainer band wagon but they are nice aren't they? And these snake skin ones from H&M are the coolest of the cool FACT!

 photo 33146652-d7af-437a-be41-33ce1aa72ff0_zps3f45f3b9.jpg
Jacket - Primark  //  Jumper - H&M  //  Leggings - Primark  //  Shoes - H&M  //  Necklace - H&M  //  Bag - ASOS

Guess what....? I have my wedding dress! I ordered it kinda knowing it was the one but needed my mum and two bridesmaid to confirm it. So yesterday I paraded around my Mums house showing them all and they loved it too. So now I need to stop myself from looking at any more as I don't want to confuse myself. Now its time to buy shoes and accessories and sort out my bridesmaid, such fun!


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