Sunday, 2 February 2014

Outfit of the week #41

Not sure whether I'm chanalling lumberjack or toddler in this outfit. Perhaps a lumberjack's toddler is more fitting!! Anyway I don't care because I love this cute pinafore and always will. I think because its black I feel its more appropriate for a 20 something year old to wear it and it literally goes with everything and anything, win!

 photo 806c5995-595c-4f43-8523-d0445c0afc68_zpsec19f25d.jpg
 photo 9afef7cf-cb81-4be3-9323-5e27b66f5817_zpse3141722.jpg
 photo aa6ab590-e58c-4d81-b4f2-956215e4fcd7_zpsdb09fe17.jpg
 photo 2ac280d2-b649-4805-95af-cedaf901699a_zps49472683.jpg
Coat - Primark  //  Checked shirt - George @ Asda  //  Pinafore - Primark  //  Converse  - c/o John Lewis * 

Check out my amazingly cheap (£5) Spring mac style coat from Primark. It was on sale for £10 which I thought was brilliant but when I got to the till she charged me £5.. brilliant! I've said it before and I'll say it again... I bloody love Primark. 

Hope you like my casual Sunday outfit.
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