Sunday, 22 September 2013

Outfit of the week #24

Yayyyyy, I have a week off work.. ahem! Anyway a causal outfit of the week for y'all today. This is something I wore to the boys Grandad's birthday meal during the week. I didn't want to dress up but I also wanted to dress up enough (do you know what I mean?). He also lives out in the sticks so warm attire was necessary. I've re-awakened my love for this tasselled leather jacket from a Primark sale earlier this year, it literally goes with everything. The white satchel is out in full force again as are the autumn/winter boots. I've tried to mix up the patterns and textures a bit in this outfit. Rocking some polka dots, stripes, knitwear and leather all in one outfit combination, booyah! I just wish I had remembered to wear my oversized beanie hat in the outfit photos to show you the full A/W look. I didn't realise how much of this outfit was Primark until I typed it out. Yes I love Primark, not even sorry. 

 photo IMG_6335_zps430a1e38.jpg
 photo IMG_6331_zpsed9b55fc.jpg
 photo 9a9b26b7-01a6-488f-bec8-2cdfaee35aef_zpsbf71120d.jpg
 photo 236f6a8c-5735-4493-bd9d-45df2feeffb4_zps70680382.jpg
Jacket - Primark  //  polka dot shirt - Primark  //  Jumper - Primark  //  Jeans - Primark  //  Boots - Mataan  //  Bag - bangomango  // Ankle socks - Primark  //  Necklace - Claires accesories  // Rings - various from Primark and H&M

I do love a good gold statement necklace and yes although I love my chunky gold chain in this outfit post I think this beast of an eagle necklace from Distressed would look perfect with this outfit too. How awesome is it? 
 photo eagle_zps046cad1d.jpg

Hope you liked my outfit guys,  have you all made the Autumn/Winter wardrobe transition yet? 
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